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iso: japanese style emoticon gifs?

Category: Blogging

where can i find Japanese emoticon mini gifs ? i used to have one in the search bar on my blog but it died T_T maybe stuff like this. rainbow sparkly ones are bonus » Continue Reading

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people, do you :) or do you (:

Category: Blogging

if you do (: ... WHY!! the mouth before the eyes... it just dont make sense to me. if you do (: sound off in the comments and idk tell me why you like it that way or how you got into that habit » Continue Reading

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random questions

Category: Quiz/Survey

some random questions for fun ;D Whats your name spelt backwards?     ava What did you do last night?      had family dinner with my boyfriends family, got bubble tea by the ocean The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?  through the fire and the flames nightcore What do you look forward too this winter?  the misery Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?  wtf Last time you swam in a pool?... » Continue Reading

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my cd collection!

Category: Music

my cd collection. i love cd's! they are the only physical music i collect. i play them in my car and on my ps3.  in this effort to catalog my music collection, i realize i lost my dinosaur jr hand it over cd that was of great sentimental value. fuck all.  i gave them labels to be comprehensive. there are so many more i hope to add, but im not in a place to expand my collection right now... sigh T_... » Continue Reading

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hatsune miku sketch⋆ . ˚ ✩✭ ⋆

Category: Art and Photography

bikini miku sketch my computer broke, im borrowing my boyfriends laptop now, indefinitely. i drew this on photoshop as a test. unfortunately, the colors do not display accurately on my laptop vs phone screen. but whatever ... tough to make art and not know what the colors truly are as i work, so i prob wont make much of anything beyond sketching digitally for a while  » Continue Reading

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infp personality slander

Category: Life

if youre an infp, im sorry... but you probably already feel so sorry about everything ALL THE TIME. i have spent 8 years of my life dating 2 different infp men in ages ranging from their mid teens-late 20s, neither knew each other and i did not know about 16 personalities when i entered these relationships it was just coincidence. i think i just fucking can not stand infp and i have a full and dee... » Continue Reading

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my scene phase

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

i found some images of my scene phase from around 2012, around 13 yrs old. taken on my side sliding cell phone/ipod. i feel this is the appropriate place to share lmfao    winnie the pooh LMFAO  ^^^ this one was from 2015 and i dressed this way ironically just for this pic bc id recently given myself a bad haircut by accident that looked like 2009 JB/a scene boy. and tbh i slayed  and i cut a blac... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

i have been grinding making my page look cuter and cool for one week now. it has taken over my life. and for what? what am i even going to do here? why am i putting in the effort? what do i use this blog for... i already write in a diary so im not gona use it like that. that would be an embarrassment upon my digital footprint anyways. i am not sure what to do with this thang i guess. maybe i can j... » Continue Reading

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