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infp personality slander

Mini Rage Face Happy Smiley Mini Rage Face Happy Smiley if youre an infp, im sorry... but you probably already feel so sorry about everything ALL THE TIME. i have spent 8 years of my life dating 2 different infp men in ages ranging from their mid teens-late 20s, neither knew each other and i did not know about 16 personalities when i entered these relationships it was just coincidence. i think i just fucking can not stand infp and i have a full and deep understanding of the type. 

for reference im female intj who only dates cis males. 

 they are sad, they get caught up in 'what if' and fantasy land, instead of appreciating what they already tangibly have. recklessly and unhealthily risking it all for hypothetical scenarios. and the SENSITIVITIES! they will cry at anything and everything. and they will twist it all up in their heads and take something that is non offensive and neutral/innocent and turn into something that sends them into a depressive multi-day spiral. you cant kid around with them like normal because they will lie awake at night thinking of the joke you said. its a harmful amount of over analyzing social situations. and they are on such a high horse too, they really look down on others who they dont perceive to be as good as them or those who dont do things the "right" way. or to their "standard". 

AND THE #1 ABSOLUTE WORST OFFENSE IS THE PEOPE PLEASING AND AVOIDANCE OF CONFRONTATION... the people pleasing and the resentment that builds from that is sickeningly toxic. for example i ask "do you want to go to the park" to an infp, infp will most likely say "yes" even if for example they actually really want to stay home on the computer or whatever. but am i supposed to read your mind and believe it really means no? cant i just take the word at face value?... with infp, you should never just take an answer at face value like that, you gotta press to really make sure its not just a people pleasing moment to avoid even the most minute of confrontations, or something. because they never want to disappoint or rock the boat, its like theyd walk to the ends of the earth if it meant they didnt have to communicate something even mildly upsetting to another person. but its so toxic. horrible for my autistic ass as well, because social guesswork is hard enough without the infp's ass backwards way of operating. 

 and now, strangely enough, i am dating an enfp man... and its night and day. its like im dating spongebob LMAO. enfp is such chad to infp. enfp has the soft, thoughtful and wildly creative parts of infp without the pathetic and toxic mode of operation. so much more straight forward, and most all social inhibitions dropped. but tbh, this guy is the only enfp ive been close to. so i cant be as sure since i had a pool of 2 infp's to draw conclusion from. but im pretty sure i know enfp well by now too lol. they always say enfp x intj is one of the best pairings for those two personalities, so idk maybe i just was one letter off all this time LMAO but enfp makes a world of difference in feeling like a sane person. 

 and thats the thing infp are so detatched from reality at times... it feels like they are constantly living in some 100% self induced psychosis or something. doing the mental gymnastics to convince themselves their friends are making fun of them, or their boss is making fun of them, or that people think poorly or dont care for them. if they werent so narcisistic maybe they could take a step back and see that the worlds purpose isnt to beat them down. 

 dont take this too seriously lol.

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