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my cd collection!

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my cd collection. i love cd's! they are the only physical music i collect. i play them in my car and on my ps3. 

in this effort to catalog my music collection, i realize i lost my dinosaur jr hand it over cd that was of great sentimental value. fuck all. 

i gave them labels to be comprehensive. there are so many more i hope to add, but im not in a place to expand my collection right now... sigh T_T

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You have a king giz CD?? Noe fair ;-;

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0MG th15 15 50 c00l! 1 c0ll3ct v1nyl r3c0rd5!

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⛧𝖕𝖘𝖞𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖕𝖆𝖙𝖍⛧'s profile picture

omg.... big time rush cd... im gonna cry(((

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yo, you have a big collection going on in there and it's pretty rad and i gotta add that I'm kinda jealous to see that you have collide with the sky between all your cd's
i also collect cd's so it's nice to see another person's collection

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RK1o4 ★

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Wow! huge collection (∩˃o˂∩)♡

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scrolling thru the music blog tag and.... THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!! i loooove cds so much... i collect records instead of cds and i might make a blogpost about it too because of this. the ptv cd is so fucking cool

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i got the ptv cd from hot topic in 2013! i still remember walking out of the mall and my mom is like "how about we listen to the new cd on the way home?" and im just like "...you wont like it" LOL later that year i got selfish machines on cd for christmas, but ive since lost it :/

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Awesome collection, you've got big time rush and kidz bop but in the same breath you have stratosphere and spiderland, truly unpredictable

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i got the duster cd's last month at their show in boston, i flew across the country to see the show and obtain the cd's LOL. and back in the day btr was everything, i saw them live 4 times and they were my first concert ever [the event that gave me chronic tinnitus always wear ear plugs LMFAO]

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That's cool, I hope you enjoyed the Duster show and I remember being crazy about the big time rush movie, my cousin and I would watch it together and she owned a big time rush towel

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