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MY CLOWN DOLLS ARE HAUNTED!!!🙀🙀 *3am* *gone wrong*

Category: Blogging

So I have these music box clown dolls and one of them went off 😁...  » Continue Reading

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Shitty lain ms paint

Category: Religion and Philosophy

I drew lain in ms paint and it looks so bad but it has a charm to it so i made it my background and keep forgeting that its my backgroung so keep getting jumpscared by shit ms paint lain LMAO » Continue Reading

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shit post

Category: Religion and Philosophy

*in high pich anime girl voice* "mmmmm.... uhhhh?"  "ok" *slips comedically on a banana peel* "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" » Continue Reading

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i have powers

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

BRUH i have this uncanny ability to tell if someone is a bungou stray dogs fan idk why but every bungou stray dogs fan have like the same vibe??? its so weird like i'll be on tiktok and be like "mmmm this person watches bungou stray dogs" AND IM RIGHT EVERY SINGLE TIME you can also tell if someone watches bungou stray dogs by the way they dress in conclusion all bungou stray dogs fans are gay and ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

bruh i was playing that one game where you can draw in roblox and this one person was drawing kink stuff 😭 and i was like WHAT??? other people CAN SEE THAT like this is a CHILDRENS GAME  drawing characters with big boobs yeah sure why not  drawing pp to troll people yeah funny as hell BUT DRAWING KINK STUFF BRUH  » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

there was this one time roblox banned me because i kept spamming the word balls like the word isnt banned so like i can spam it whenever i want to 🙄 (this happend twice on the same day) also i was dressed up like sans it was on meepcity » Continue Reading

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feet moment

Category: Art and Photography

that one moment were you stay up at 3 am trying to learn how to draw feet and you still cant draw feet  » Continue Reading

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Warrior cats TURNS YOU TRANS

Category: Books and Stories

Bruh every warrior cats fan that i have met or come across is some form of gay or trans or both (my self included) there has to be somthing in thoses books istg there has to something that talks about the warrior cats to trans pipeline i think its because its so easy to escape in the warrior cats world and make ocs and stuff you dont have to think about gender presentation and stuff no gender just... » Continue Reading

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KAMISAMA KISS TURNED ME POLYAMOROUS!?!?!!! 🙀 (emotional) (3am challenge)

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Ok this is just a funny story lmao. So I watching Kamisam Kiss (its a romance anime) and i was like "damn tomoe and nanami are fine i wouldnt mind being with both of them"....   "wait a min-" soooooooo uhhhhhhh i got some thinking to do ig.  tomoe is a pretty immortal fox boy with abandonment issues and nanami is a normal girl who became a land god and now has to take care of a shrine with the pre... » Continue Reading

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