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Category: Life

IM SO SO SORRY to whoever has been trying to chat with me on here I have been gone for 9 WHOLE MONTHS and I’m 15 now holy cow! Anyways if you wanna talk to me or need someone to talk to I’m here if I don’t respond I am so sorry. Have and amazing day!! » Continue Reading

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I’ve been gone

Category: Life

sorry If you messaged me and I didn’t respond, I switched schools and my mental state has been ... not the best but I will try to answer, If I have any. » Continue Reading

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I did not sleep at all last night

Category: School, College, University

I was awake the whole night and now I'm doing school work and my test grades are currently HOT GARBAGE.. but at least I can draw, but what's drawing if I can't sleep? I almost drowned in my bathtub too... today is just not my day I guess. » Continue Reading

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I'm finally back to drawing againnn!

Category: Art and Photography

I had art block for a WHOLE 2 MONTHS!! I honestly thought my ability to draw was gone forever. YESSSSS! I get to draw and stay up late Finallyyyyy!!! » Continue Reading

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I just moved into my new house

Category: Travel and Places

I am soo tired. and I'm not even close to done packing » Continue Reading

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I killed two bugs today

Category: Blogging

I killed two bugs and I think one was a mosquito and the other was a fly. I sprayed them continuously with lysol and some foaming cleaning product. I kind of feel bad.. What if that fly had a family? Maybe his kids are looking for him. I don't care about the mosquito though, they kill more people than people kill mosquitoes. speaking of bugs I think I saw a spider earlier in the bathroom. I'll ask... » Continue Reading

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I just had the most uncomfortable dream of my life

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Everybody in my old school/class and I were eating and messing around at a future high school and we were talking about how we were happy the food was normal and not school brand food but how we hated that they would combine things that don't belong together. After that we were hiding in an old empty house. It kinda looked like the non-renovated part of my old school, I have no clue what we were h... » Continue Reading

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I'm gonna take a long nap

Category: Life

See you later! Have a great day!!! » Continue Reading

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Mountain Dew

Category: Life

I've been drinking multiple cups of code red Mountain Dew to keep me up and It's working quite well. I don't have a profile picture yet because I need to make a good one... Nevermind I found a good one. I am not the creator of this drawing but you can customize the avatar to look like you  on this app https://picrew.me/image_maker/1689727/complete?cd=BW4uuwVIQj the app has some very weird adds but... » Continue Reading

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