I just had the most uncomfortable dream of my life

Everybody in my old school/class and I were eating and messing around at a future high school and we were talking about how we were happy the food was normal and not school brand food but how we hated that they would combine things that don't belong together. After that we were hiding in an old empty house. It kinda looked like the non-renovated part of my old school, I have no clue what we were hiding from. there were some kids I could not identify but the others I knew. Then all of a sudden the dream takes a turn for the worse. Everyone was in a car and there was an old man scaring everyone through the window and they were closed. The scare was an old man with a creepy zombie mask, and for some reason then the old man got to my door the driver started to roll my window down. I rolled it back up, this repeated for a good minute the the window broke while it was down. The old man proceeded to open the car door and suspiciously made an offer to me and said all I had to do was follow him to a secluded area, I didn't trust him so I said "no thank you" then he grabbed my thigh and I said "no, stop don't touch me" but he continued to try and pick me up security guard style and I was still resisting and I kept screaming " no, stop don't touch me, help, let go" unfortunately he ended up carrying me away to the secluded area. However he didn't do anything to me thankfully, I still didn't trust him though. Next thing I know I'm in a food corridor, Like the ones in Busch Gardens and my old crush from the school starts to ask why I was screaming earlier, then all of a sudden I woke up. I'm glad none of it was real!

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