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Im scared I love him.

Category: Life

Hey, so its been a while. A turned out to be not the best person, and im glad things ended. ive been slowly healing but im doing a lot better. but someone new has entered the picture, well, hes not exactly new. prepare for a longish entry. Jacob.  Ive known him for a few years, but we really started hanging out last fall. we would go to Knotts Scary Farm together since we both love halloween and w... » Continue Reading

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The Let Down

Category: Blogging

Why does he always disappoint me. I should know better than to expect anything of him now. But I thought maybe today would be different. I dont have a good relationship with my father, big surprise, so original. but it still sucks. Everyone pokes fun at "daddy issues" but no one ever talk about the sad, sickening feelings you get. I just want him to love me. It feels like he doesn't know anything ... » Continue Reading

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A Complicated Relationship

Category: Blogging

Hey,  Relationships can be complicated sometimes. I'm an emotional person, if you couldn't tell. I enjoy spending time with my partner, I enjoy the cute pet names, I enjoy kisses and hand holding, is that a crime? I don't think so. On the other hand, my partner doesn't enjoy PDA which is okay! But they aren't the best with emotional/romantic connections. This was causing a disconnect between us, t... » Continue Reading

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Thoughts of a Depressed Assistant Stage Manager

Category: Blogging

First day of rehearsal, here we are. Let me set the stage; I'm the assistant stage manager (asm). Yesterday I closed a show that I was the head stage manager for, last minute they needed me to step in to preform. No biggie, I have a performance background, I can handle it. I loved it, I loved being on stage again after being behind the scenes. Now I'm starting my new show. I'll be posting updates ... » Continue Reading

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First Blog

Category: Life

I guess Im just gonna jump right into this. Ive never sent out a public blog post, but i guess its not that public since no one follows me on here. This feels so safe. Like you would stay up till 3am writing on here with music blasting in your headphones. It makes me long for a time I barely remember. I dont want this to be a collection of me being sad all the time, i want it to be a journal. my m... » Continue Reading

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