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Category: Friends

---INTRO--- Yooo hi there! I'm Vivi, I'm a metalhead and a forager/mushroom hunter. I make earrings (follow my Etsy @FunkyFungiEarrings) and I do aerial silks as well. Anyway, feel free to start a convo w/ me, can't wait to meet you all » Continue Reading

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Survivor 45 Premiere Analysis

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

ok so a little housekeeping first: I am not a bitch, I'm acting like a bitch bc the contestants are brave enough to be on TV so I may as well speak my mind. also, spoiler warning!! So the episode starts with a couple introduction, some without Jeff, some with Jeff. Sifu is instantly so campy I love him so much. Brandon is crying, so that's fun. A couple archetypes/clones I noticed: Austin is a Woo... » Continue Reading

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my fav survivor seasons!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Ok I am hyperfixating on Survivor rn so here are my favorite seasons in detail, with favorite players, moments, etc. WARNING! HEAVY SPOILERS! . . . . . Here it is, in chronological order: Survivor 1: Borneo - I'd be a fool to not consider the first season as it set the pace for the rest of the game. Obviously Richard, Susan, Rudy, and Kelly were legendary players, but I also love Greg and Colleen ... » Continue Reading

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