Survivor 45 Premiere Analysis

ok so a little housekeeping first: I am not a bitch, I'm acting like a bitch bc the contestants are brave enough to be on TV so I may as well speak my mind. also, spoiler warning!!

So the episode starts with a couple introduction, some without Jeff, some with Jeff. Sifu is instantly so campy I love him so much. Brandon is crying, so that's fun. A couple archetypes/clones I noticed: Austin is a Woo clone, Drew is the nerd in red (aka Cochran/Ben). Also, Emily starts beef with Bruce immediately. I have a theory about this later.

The marooning challenge begins and Bruce is moving with no purpose and I personally think he was trying to tone himself down and look like less of a target. Brandon has a Cirie on the beam moment and can't climb a ladder. And overall the challenge was just messy.

So now Emily instantly starts suspecting Kaleb and Sabiyah of being selfish and talking an advantage rather than participating in the Savvy vs Strength challenge and I can't help but think that she is playing too hard too fast. This contributes to my theory. Also no one like her and I find that funny.

The first official challenge commences and damn this was messy. Not just unorganized, like genuinely a muddy mess. Sifu is still ridiculous while also being the strongest on the season. Emily sucks at challenges apparently but Brandon is utterly useless and poor Kaleb is just trying his hardest to pick up after them. Overall, I felt that most of this challenge was unnecessary.

Lulu tribe loses obviously and Emily wants Kaleb out??? She has personally attacked 3 of the 5 black people on the season, leading to my theory. I think that Emily is racist. Regardless, instead of seeing her leave, nope, HANNAH QUITS!! This premiere was pretty shitty and I'm upset.

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