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Crushes of the month

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

@import url(''); body{ background-image: url(; background-size: cover; height: 100%; background-attachment: fixed; } .count{ color:#46256e; text-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #f3a2f5 } main{ background: rgb(23, 22, 22); background: linear-gradient(180deg, rgba(238, 182, 252,0.5) 20%, rgba(228, 185,... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I need to stop simping for a much older men... but I can't help but love dilfs i- I'm sorry :root{ --gray: #FFA6C9; /* post background color */ --logo-blue: #9BC8DC; /* navigation background color */ --lighter-blue: #CC338B; /* nav links background */ --lightest-blue: #F58FBD; /*sidebar background */ --light-orange: #FFA6C9; /* comments table first child background */ --even-lighter-orange: #FFA6C... » Continue Reading

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Kaamatan 2023

Category: Parties and Nightlife

/* General font size for the whole page. Every other font size (eg. username) is relative to this value. */ * { font-size: 14px !important;} html { filter: blur(0.3px) sepia(0.3);} /* Paste your own url to the brackets for a different background. Change "font-family" value for a different font. */ body { background-image: url( » Continue Reading

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Afterschool Club 2018-2023

Category: School, College, University

F1/ Grade 8 - Kelab Anti-Dadah ( Anti-Drug Club ) F2/ Grade 9 - Kelab Rukun Negara ( National Principles Club ) F3/ Grade 10 - Kelab Rukun Negara  ( National Principles Club )   F4/ Grade 11 - Kelab Bahasa Inggeris ( English Club ) F5/ Grade 12 - Kelab Matematik ( Mathematic Club ) » Continue Reading

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Labour Day 2023

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Happy Labour Day Kotobian Tadau do Kalaja Kabansayan Odou do Karaja » Continue Reading

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Sabah Possible Earthquake

Category: Life

Since Sabah located in the tectonic plates, we're very prone to earthquake that could reach up to magnitude 7.0 in Sabah alone. Predicted areas affected include Ranau, Kiau, Kudat& surrounding areas(i.e Pitas, Banggi and Matunggong ) and Most of East Coast Sabah ( i.e Lahad Datu, Kunak, Tungku, Semporna, Sandakan and Tawau. Please be careful » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

this is from 19th May 2020, I was quite gothic for a 2?3? years        » Continue Reading

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