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DNI + BYI + Pronouns page (WIP)

Category: SpaceHey

DNI - Basic DNI (homophones, racists, MAPs, proshippers, etc) - Anyone -13 and 20+ - Dream stans (DSMP fans are on thin ice) - Tate stans (and anyone similar) - Ppl still into "cringe culture" - Ppl that are weirdly into IRL gore (it's fine if you just want the lore behind gore vids tho) - Ppl who use tone tags incorrectly BYI Please use tone tags when interacting! I will take everything you say g... » Continue Reading

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Robux lore page

Category: Blogging

(TW: HINTS TO SUICIDE) THIS IS ENTIRELY FICTIONAL, THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE AND IS THE WORK OF FICTION UPDATE: The GETPRIZE9321 page is gone, it was suspended, consider this a archive GETPRIZE9321 is made, spoof of a flamingo vid (name changed to remember) regular posting, acting like a bot Bulletins start making LORE Bulletins are as followed (with translations) Go to casH (HELP) gg to re... » Continue Reading

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My pet theory on troll sexuality in homestuck

Category: Books and Stories

One of the biggest aspects of homestucks story is the inherently queer influences in it, with many charters being LGBTQIA+ and/or character arcs revolving around queer topics, Roxy, Rose, Dirk, Dave, John, ect. Where this is most prominent, however, is the species or trolls. Troll exist in homestuck as a alien species from the planet of alternia, where their biology and society is very different f... » Continue Reading

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Fantroll pesterlogs

Category: Writing and Poetry

IP: hey LL IP: LL you the®e? LL: yeah? LL: wha† dø yøu wan†? IP: ©an you t®oll OE fo® me? IP: she hasn't been ®esponding to me ]:( LL: hell nø LL: she's been sø weird af†er †he whøle sun †hing LL: ac†ing like she knøws every†hing †ha† has and will ever happen LL: even changed her handle †ø reflec† her new "s†a†e øf mind" LL: ugh IP: pleasssssse IP: its impo®tant i swea®! LL: ... LL: fine IP: ]:D L... » Continue Reading

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One day of spacehey!

Category: Blogging

Hello friends and random internet users! I have spent (about) a day on spacehey, and I'm here to beg the question, is it good? Well, it's not good... it's great!!! \(^ω^\ ) I originally joined this site as I missed the days of the so called "golden age" of the internet (and cuz I heard lots of homestucks were on here -3- ) an age were you could customize you're internet space however you like (and... » Continue Reading

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