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CAD, F, 18, teenage anarchist and all-around bad influence

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scream 6!!!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

so like. its been my status for a few days that im stoked for the new scream and i completely neglected to talk about it after it dropped im gonna do that now to dissuade any gasps of terror as i proceed to give it glowing praise. i promise its not better than the original. that being said, it's a good slasher flick! some good kills, some tense near-kills, and some impressive brutality from the fi... » Continue Reading

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young adult??

Category: Blogging

ive never really cared much about birthdays the numbers dont really mean anything to me but this one is a big one and means a lot to other people?? like. i so do not care. the way i see it aging is linear, not annual; i dont get older once a year i get older all the time but 18 means things to everyone around me and i feel like theres an expectation for something to change  i hate to disappoint bu... » Continue Reading

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general about (i stole this from my girlfriend.)

Category: Quiz/Survey

name:: julie nickname:: jules how old are you:: 17 zodiac sign:: aries current location:: canada eye color:: green hair color:: purple but im bad at dye upkeep so like grey  hair type:: wavy but generally tangled hieght:: 165 cm your heritage:: scottish/crimean what's your middle name:: charlotte shoes you wore today:: doc martens jadon smooth leather your weakness:: asthma probably your fear:: he... » Continue Reading

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Category: Travel and Places

2/5 of the way through a five hour layover in YYC and its miserable like i get that the whole province sucks- believe me i know but why are these somehow the least ergonomic seats imaginable, im not convinced they did this on purpose to make me walk around and visit their outlet shops i can only imagine the states are gonna be a whole hoot worse. travel is gnarly in theory but in practice my brain... » Continue Reading

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maintenance & upkeep

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

i need a new wallet & im not happy about it theres somethin real charming about my current one just bein a purely functional black leather slab. makes me feel like a dad. poor thing is falling apart though im not convinced it never belonged to a neolithic missing link. maybe ill pick up a new one at hot topic when i go to the city next week? i dont like being flashy though. -j.k -not jk as in just... » Continue Reading

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