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general about (i stole this from my girlfriend.)

name:: julie

nickname:: jules

how old are you:: 17

zodiac sign:: aries

current location:: canada

eye color:: green

hair color:: purple but im bad at dye upkeep so like grey 

hair type:: wavy but generally tangled

hieght:: 165 cm

your heritage:: scottish/crimean

what's your middle name:: charlotte

shoes you wore today:: doc martens jadon smooth leather

your weakness:: asthma probably

your fear:: heights

have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: nah we dont have those here

do you want to:: god yeah it wasnt a thing until now but ohhh man do i

goal you would like to achieve this year:: move out

first thought when you wake up:: want to be sleeping

best physical feature:: either my jaw or ass

who is your bestest freind:: suz

when is your bedtime:: like 3 or 4 usually. am or pm depends on the day.

your most cherished memory:: whos askin?

pepsi or coke:: coke

mc dondalds or burgerking:: why are they written like this (dons)

single or group dates:: double dates seem like a bad idea to me

what is the last song you sang:: from here to eternity, iron maiden

does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:: depends.

what is your biggest pet peeve:: dont touch me

do you drink:: yes

ever been drunk:: yes

do you smoke:: yes

do you "SMOKE":: no. also say weed pussy.

do you sing:: yes but in private

what color underwear do you have on:: grey

do you want to go to college:: yes

have you ever been in love:: big time

do you want to get married:: very much

do you believe in yourself:: every now and then

do you believe in others:: this is such a weird question

do you like thunderstorms:: thunder no, rain yes

do you play an instrument:: played past-tense

what do you want to be when you grow up:: librarian

what country would you like to visit:: italy or china

how many CDs do you own:: cds nuts lmao

how many DVDs do you own:: genuinely not sure where they went when i moved.

how many tattoos do you have:: none yet. Yet.

how many piercings do you have:: none and im fine with that

how many things in the past do you regret:: uh


shoes:: either my docs or these really nice oxfords i have

radio station:: who listens to the radio?

drink:: shiraz, black coffee, water

car:: 77 firebird trans am, or a 67 parisienne. of course i like cars.

place:: somewhere i probably shouldnt be. i like trespassing 

song:: i will never be equipped to answer this question. right now im feeling full metal black by the royal they, but rosemary by deftones also hits different. cant go wrong with ronin by ibaraki.

movie:: og scream.

moment:: i generally dont like things happening but i liked getting absolutely hammered with my girlfriend for the first time

color:: grey. red is good too. obviously.

meal:: filet mignon with mushroom cream.


what is todays date:: jan 28 2023

what time is it:: 15:24

who are you thinking of:: suz again

what are you listening to:: black sabbath

do you love someone:: yes we are literally dating

do you know where your mechanical bull is:: on the way i hope. or this is a metaphor or dated reference i dont get.

does someone love you:: big time

is it raining:: god i wish

how many myspace friends do you have:: 12

are you happy:: my chair is uncomfortable and my neck hurts but i have friends who love me and also a smokin' hot girlfriend and i think im fine with everything else.

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