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young adult??

ive never really cared much about birthdays the numbers dont really mean anything to me but this one is a big one and means a lot to other people??

like. i so do not care.

the way i see it aging is linear, not annual; i dont get older once a year i get older all the time

but 18 means things to everyone around me and i feel like theres an expectation for something to changeĀ 

i hate to disappoint but its just gonna be the exact same thing except i lament my youth harder than usual (do you know how weird it is to be like. barely an adult but youve been in a very long-term committed relationship for years but still pretty young . thinking abt things like moving out or marriage is considered goofy and frivolous for someone my age but we have been dating for a very very very long time comparative to my lifespan)

i dunno im just. thinkin abt it

never a kid but not a teenager but not an adult

i wish people stopped putting so much weight behind arbitrary numbers

cool that im gonna make it there though, promised myself i wouldnt when i was like 14

love, the dead serious,


(i just think its funny to sign everything with my initials because its "lol just kidding")

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