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"I Want to Start A Conversation"

Category: Blogging

"I Want to Start A Conversation" Subscribe my channel, like this video, give a comment to this video if you have something to say and share this video, thank you ^⁠_⁠^ » Continue Reading

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You Know, I Still Use Myspace

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Yes, that's right, I still use Myspace and I will continue to use it until the website is no longer accessible. Actually, I was too young to experience Myspace, I was still very, very young in the heyday of Myspace. Many people think that Myspace is dead but the website is technically still active, I often post words or links on my profile. However, I can't post pictures or videos, it will say "up... » Continue Reading

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Why Are Almost All My Friends Whose Name is "Mutiara" All Mean to Me?

Category: Friends

Why are almost all my friends whose name is "Mutiara" all mean to me? I only know one Mutiara who was good to me and she is dead. Now I hope my friends named Mutiara who were once mean to me DIE! » Continue Reading

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Do You Have Original Characters (OC)?

Category: Art and Photography

I don't know how many original characters (OC) that I have in my imagination, I just don't have time to draw them all. » Continue Reading

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Phoenician Alphabet, The First True Alphabet

Category: Blogging

Phoenician alphabet, the first true alphabet, the ultimate ancestor of most modern scripts like Greek, Latin, Hebrew and Arabic alphabets. It has 22 letters, all consonants (it's actually an abjad) and written from right-to-left horizontally. The Phoenician alphabet is a direct descendant of the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet. Developed by the Phoenicians and thanks to their trade especially maritime tra... » Continue Reading

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I Hope My Current Smartphone Can Last Until I Get A New Smartphone

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Fuck you Sake! He is one of my cats and I really don't like him. He pulled my charger cable many times when I was charging my smartphone and because of that the smartphone also fell on the floor many times. I've tried to make my smartphone safe but still this bastard cat always pulls my charger cable. My smartphone could suddenly die when I use it because it falls so many times, I'm afraid of that... » Continue Reading

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It's More Exciting to Learn About Eastern Christianity than Western Christianity

Category: Religion and Philosophy

For me, it's more exciting to learn about Eastern Christianity than Western Christianity. Maybe this is subjective but those eastern churches have a richer history. The differences between these two are many, especially in culture, language and politics, as well as theology.  » Continue Reading

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My Course Result Sheet for Odd Semester of Academic Year 2023/2024 in Indonesia Open University

Category: School, College, University

My KHS (Kartu Hasil Studi or Course Result Sheet in English) for odd semester (my first semester) of academic year 2023/2024 in Indonesia Open University. I got a GPA of 3.68 for my first semester, it exceeds the target I made previously, to get a GPA of 3.50. Yokatta, thank you for myself. I first said this to one of my best friends and she was very happy with it. Semester grades are out from 31 ... » Continue Reading

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Don't Cut Ties Just Because of Differences in Political Views

Category: Friends

Hopefully none of my friends will cut ties with me just because of differences in political views. If you are my friend, you are my friend no matter how different your political views are from mine.  » Continue Reading

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Congratulations to All Citizens of Republic of Indonesia Who Have Exercised Their Voting Rights on Wednesday, 14 February, 2024

Category: News and Politics

Congratulations to all citizens of Republic of Indonesia who have exercised their voting rights on Wednesday, 14 February, 2024. We have determined our next leader, our next president. All the best for Indonesia. Go forward Indonesia! No leader is perfect, none of our three presidential candidates are perfect. Each of them definitely has its own good and bad. However, only one will win this presid... » Continue Reading

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Lesbian Themed Reading Lesson on Duolingo

Category: Blogging

Of all the languages ​​I have studied on Duolingo, I haven't found a reading lesson with an LGBT theme except for French. As you can see from the photo, they both are women and they love each other. I like this. Je t'aime! Taken on Monday, 12 February, 2024 at 12:49 with Samsung Galaxy A10s. That is my sister's laptop. » Continue Reading

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New Home Screen Wallpaper for My Smartphone

Category: Blogging

Ah, yesterday I have changed the home screen wallpaper of my smartphone. The previous wallpaper was almost 2 years old. The image I made into this wallpaper is a photo of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. This photo of the Twin Towers was taken on 14 July, 2001 at 22:50 with Nikon E990 (I read the EXIF data of this photo). » Continue Reading

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