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17 years old, gay, autistic. he/they/star

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1k Profile Views!! Very awesome!!

Category: SpaceHey

thank u guys so much, here's to me being even more silly on here » Continue Reading

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lil emo candle

Category: Art and Photography

uh oh litwick has got a knife what it gonna do also on newgrounds! » Continue Reading

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Finally found a code for playing music from YouTube that actually works on mobile

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Every other code I tried would only have the music play on PC which was superrr annoying but I finally found one that will have it play on mobile as well!!!  Here's the code if you want it   Just replace the "hy9uOoy8kVM" with your desired YouTube video ID and boom, you've finally got profile background music on mobile!  » Continue Reading

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Some TheRunawayGuys LBP2 fanart !!!!!

Category: Art and Photography

Drew the costumes from TheRunawayGuys's LBP2 LP because I'm feeling very nostalgic and it's my favourite LP they've done ^^ Also on Newgrounds: Also on Twitter: jon retweeted it right after i posted it and it made me so happy o... » Continue Reading

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went out for a short walk

Category: Life

went out for a short walk, i went to the local park and just hung out there for a bit. here's some pics cos woooo yeah it's not every day i go outside willingly. » Continue Reading

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new doctor who trailer today

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

New Doctor Who trailer airs right before Strictly on BBC1 tonight, hoping so much that they announce the dates for the anniversary specials so that I can finally start planning ahead.  November lineup is currently crazy tho, got the Doctor Who anniversary specials, Scott Pilgrim anime drops on November 17th, and Smosh Food Battle as well! This is my barbenheimer fr lmao.  » Continue Reading

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I figured out how to make my own stamps!!!

Category: Art and Photography

only made one so far but once i make a bunch imma add them all to my profile, this is epic :3 hiker dance hiker dance » Continue Reading

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It's been over a year! Oops!

Category: Blogging

Okay it's been almost 2 years since I last logged into this thing, oops! Currently revamping this page heavily and I'm gonna have to try to relearn all my html knowledge. I'm 16 now so that's cool I guess? » Continue Reading

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philosophy is a pain in the ARSE

Category: Religion and Philosophy

i would like to say a sincere "fuck you" to the good place to introducing it to me. still a really good show though. » Continue Reading

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It's 3AM, what am I doing with my life?!

Category: Life

I could be getting the sleep that I deserve right now but instead I'm keeping myself up with distractions. I'm ok, I think... » Continue Reading

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