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girl help i started a vergil cult (ART!!)

Category: Art and Photography

i dont find vergil attractive or anything i just really like him because hes fucking funny and so aspd coded. and i have discovered my instagram follower base are all rabidly obsessed with him and now i have to feed them every week or else theyll starve. they love it when i post about him. » Continue Reading

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dearest gungrave fan artists

Category: Art and Photography

please for the love of good googly almighty lovely god sto p making grave so pale. i know brandon heat is pale and grave's skin color does change from game to game but he isnt fucking PAPER WHITE you can literally just color pick and see that. i also know they lightened his skin for a lot of gungrave gore cutscenes (which i Dont Like but it's mostly because the model/lighting is shit) but still he... » Continue Reading

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where the gungrave fans at

Category: Games

so serious right now there are like... 4 active gungrave fans that exist on tumblr and im one of them PLEASE. where are all of you. im going to lose my mind.... starts weeping and looks at you with my sopping wet creature eyes.  » Continue Reading

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whats with all the tcc people on here

Category: SpaceHey

theres so many columbine shooter fangirls like i went down a whole fucking rabbithole over this. throws up in my mouth a little you guys are Fucking Losers. be so fucking forreal. ur ugly ass white boys are dead lmfao #ripbozo  » Continue Reading

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im back

Category: Life

check the new profile dickheads im fixated on gungrave rn also im out of school now free at last lets farking go » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

if you like obscure/mysterious/abandoned games you should join my group!! https://groups.spacehey.com/obscuregamesfans » Continue Reading

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national adderall shortage beating my ass rn

Category: Life

ugggggghhh so i normally take 2 adderall a day as long as i'm in school, 1 in the morning and 1 at midday. because of the shortage they only gave me half as much so i can only take 1 a day now to save up. luckily my afternoon classes aren't super hard but... my brain fog is going CRAZY!!! sometimes i feel like i have cottonballs up there >:(  i've gotten into the habit of doing online jigsaw puzzl... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

thought i was gonna be late... but NOPE!! no school!! nitric acid spill on the highway!! oopsies my bad!! also it snowed o_O... only a little bit though » Continue Reading

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me again

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

my eyebags are so noticeable because i took this before school lol! love this shirt sm  » Continue Reading

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