national adderall shortage beating my ass rn

ugggggghhh so i normally take 2 adderall a day as long as i'm in school, 1 in the morning and 1 at midday. because of the shortage they only gave me half as much so i can only take 1 a day now to save up. luckily my afternoon classes aren't super hard but... my brain fog is going CRAZY!!! sometimes i feel like i have cottonballs up there >:( 

i've gotten into the habit of doing online jigsaw puzzles to stimulate my brain while doing work... i'm obsessed with jigsaw puzzles LOL. i do crosswords sometimes too, but they get kinda boring.

GAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! one more week until spring break though... its going by so slow and there's so much homework and shit!!! save me

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