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Category: Life

It’s been awhile but I’m back, life’s been pretty nice, I have the best boyfriend ever, fuck all the other guys in my previous posts they’re irrelevant now, I have been a bit mopey tho, thinking about melody, I don’t love her anymore no but idk what I’m feeling, I intended to talk to my therapist about it but I couldn’t be bothered today, she looks so different that I couldnt even recognise her, s... » Continue Reading

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Category: Romance and Relationships

I miss him, my ex, you guys don’t know who he is and we’ll he isn’t my ex officially but.. we did love each other, I loved him a lot, too much, he was so sweet not just to me but to everyone and it may have been just the ‘bare minimum’ to others but to me it was everything, he, was everything, and I lost him, I’m mourning over someone who doesn’t think of me anymore, someone that probably hates me... » Continue Reading

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Category: School, College, University

Nothing depressing today in just bored in school lolz I was up all night cus i thought I had science on Monday, I'm so stupid, I had a whole booklet plus some extra work due on TUESDAY, at least I got it done so I don't have to worry tonight. I might start on the third booklet just to get a head start. I'm in Health as of right now, ugggh its so boringgg.. i have about 20 minutes before its lunch ... » Continue Reading

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10/03/23 πŸ§ πŸ«€

Category: Life

Idfk how to like do vents n shit but I need to get my feelings out without talking to another person so I’m gonna talk about how shit my life is for the next however I remember too, I always feel like shit at the end of the day but idk today hurt more, the guy I liked is really touchy with this girl and idk if they’re related or dating or he likes her but I don’t like it, he used to like me, he us... » Continue Reading

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