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Nothing depressing today in just bored in school lolz I was up all night cus i thought I had science on Monday, I'm so stupid, I had a whole booklet plus some extra work due on TUESDAY, at least I got it done so I don't have to worry tonight. I might start on the third booklet just to get a head start.

I'm in Health as of right now, ugggh its so boringgg.. i have about 20 minutes before its lunch but I have no food, I had a big breakfast tho so i don't think I'll be as hungry. 

I ALSO FINALLY DID A PRESENTATION, im really not good when it comes to presentations... I get really nervous and feel like I'm gonna throw up, but i did it at least, it wasn't as good, but it was something, I hope there aren't any more presentations this year.

Thats it for now if I need to talk about something I'll come back, cya!

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