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It’s been awhile but I’m back, life’s been pretty nice, I have the best boyfriend ever, fuck all the other guys in my previous posts they’re irrelevant now, I have been a bit mopey tho, thinking about melody, I don’t love her anymore no but idk what I’m feeling, I intended to talk to my therapist about it but I couldn’t be bothered today, she looks so different that I couldnt even recognise her, she’s so much more skinnier I hope she’s doing okay, I might text her just to check how she is but, maybe I should forget her all together, I don’t think my boyfriend would like me talking to my ex but she was also my friend, I’ll go talk to my friend about it later.

ANYWAYS IM GONNA TALK ABOUT MY BOYFRIENDDDDDD hes so sweet and nice and caring and I love him so much, AND HIS FAMILY KNOWS ABOUT MEEE, i kind of feel this empty feeling sometimes because of how far we are but I have to stay strong, we’ll be together someday, he kind of reminds me of how I used to act with melody but this time the feelings are actually reciprocated, I love my baby so much I just want to make sure he’s happy and safe and fed and yeah.

I’m a bit tired so I’m gonna rest, I’ll try to be active more often but yknow I’m usually busy or depressed 💀 anyways cya

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