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I am a coder and musican from Manhattan Kansas!

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The Facebook Problem

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So, I think it's safe to say everyone reading this is sick of Facebook at this point. If you're reading this, you've probably made the jump to Mastodon or SpaceHey to get away from it. It feels anymore like most of the big social networks have become such toxic places, that using them isn't even enjoyable anymore. And of course there's the privacy aspect of things. Facebook has been so horrible wi... » Continue Reading

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My thoughts on the RMS situation

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So, if you haven't been keeping up with FOSS news lately, or haven't heard the members of the FOSS community talking, then you might have missed that Richard M Stallman (or RMS for short) was recently re-instated to the Free Software Foundation's (FSF's) board of directors. Now I'll admit, I missed the original news saying that he resigned back in 2019 (or I at least forgot about it until now) so ... » Continue Reading

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Cold bad.

Category: Life

So, I live in Kansas. And right now, Kansas weather kinda sucks. As anyone in most of North America has seen, there has been a wicked cold front going through the area recently. And I am officially done with it. Now, don't get me wrong, I prefer winter over summer. As someone who has suffered heat exhaustion before, I would rather have colder weather. You can always bundle up as much as you want w... » Continue Reading

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The old internet is dead. Long live the old internet!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So, we all know that the internet we know today is broken. Its full of trackers and all sorts of other garbage, and people are starting to get sick of it. Almost makes you long for the good old days of the internet, when things were a bit simpler, and companies like Google and Facebook didn't have an iron grip on the web. Well, there are some developers that feel the same way, and in trying to fix... » Continue Reading

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I might actually like Apple now?!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So, if you knew me in middle school, you probably would've known me as the kid who hated Apple. Like, REALLY hated Apple. I was an Android and Windows fanboy and not the good kind of fanboy. Even throughout high school and to this, I still hated Apple, but for different reasons, and I wasn't annoying about it anymore (I also moved from Windows to Linux in that time period.) However, as privacy and... » Continue Reading

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