I'm finally deleting my Facebook!

So, I've been thinking of deleting my Facebook account for a while, but I never really could. I always used it for important groups, messenger, and grad party invites, so it was never really much of an option for me to delete it. But nowadays I don't ever use it. I rarely use Messenger, I haven't posted in ages, everyone is using everything else for grad party invites, and I realized that all of the groups I was in were from high school. And especially after the recent data breach that they for some reason can't take any responsibility for, I realized that I can finally delete it without missing out on anything horribly important. I might wait til the school year is over just in case any of my friends are Facebook invite holdouts, and so I can focus on studying rather than trying to get all of my data and deleting myself as much as I can from the platform, but it's still happening. And I honestly feel great about it. I always have this gut feeling whenever I feel like I've made the right decision regarding something big. I felt it when I quit my high school's concert choir to do jazz band instead, I felt it when I decided on what college to go to, I felt it when I deleted my Twitter back in the summer, and I feel it now that I've decided to cut Facebook out of my life.

This is post 22 of #100daystooffload.

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Hey yeah I also deleted Facebook not so long ago and im going to do the same with Twitter. Like you I also didn't really use them/post very often. Really the only reason I had Facebook is because of a Work group that they had were they posted updates. But with the recent data breaches and privacy concerns they decided to switch to Slack. So I could finally delete Facebook for good. And well I found out about this place so I switch to here!

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