I might actually like Apple now?!

So, if you knew me in middle school, you probably would've known me as the kid who hated Apple. Like, REALLY hated Apple. I was an Android and Windows fanboy and not the good kind of fanboy. Even throughout high school and to this, I still hated Apple, but for different reasons, and I wasn't annoying about it anymore (I also moved from Windows to Linux in that time period.) However, as privacy and security have become more and more important to me, Apple has really shown the world that they care about privacy and are trying to be different from all of the other companies that collect their users' data. And after their statements, and more importantly some of their actions, I think I actually might be starting to like Apple a bit more.

Now let me get one thing straight: I still hate a lot of things they do. Like being so stubborn about switching from their tech standards to ones that are actually better, (Lightning, the Butterfly Keyboard, etc.) the fact that they are willing to take away features that people still find useful, and their atrocious stance on right to repair. I also get that they probably aren't perfect as far as data collection and privacy go. But out of the big tech companies in the Silicon Valley, like Facebook, Google and Amazon, I think the fact that they are working so hard to implement features that keep people's data private and safe is great! I've always liked how they have always fought to keep device encryption on their iPhones, and how they are working to push features like the tracking transparency even if others don't like it. I also like how in a speech Tim Cook gave during Data Privacy Day, he stated that privacy is a major part of digital security. That is something I think so many people don't get!

Either way, I think this is great, and that other companies should follow suit. Now, does this mean I will immediately ditch my Android phone and Linux laptop for an iPhone and a Macbook? No. But I feel like I have a bit more respect for Apple, and even might consider getting a cheaper iPhone over an Android phone next time I'm in the market, (unless Linux phones take off by then, of course.)

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