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Cold bad.

So, I live in Kansas. And right now, Kansas weather kinda sucks. As anyone in most of North America has seen, there has been a wicked cold front going through the area recently. And I am officially done with it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I prefer winter over summer. As someone who has suffered heat exhaustion before, I would rather have colder weather. You can always bundle up as much as you want when it's cold, but you can't entirely remove as many layers as you want when it gets hot. But I've slowly started to see some of the downsides of the cold. Now I haven't gotten frostbite or anything, but I have had a few painful walks from my car to my dorms when the windchill is in the negative double-digits. I've also had a few more bad encounters with the roads. I mean, nothing that harmed me or others, or wrecked cars, but I've definitely had some new experiences. For example, the past two times I've taken trips from my hometown in Nebraska to Manhattan Kansas, the highways have been absolutely AWFUL. Both times it took me over three hours to complete a two and a half hour drive. And the second of the two (which happened last night) I ended up sliding off of the road and getting my bumper stuck on a mile marker I had hit. Luckily, I was in a town and a couple of nice people stopped and helped me get out of it. All in all, I'm ready for spring

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