Internet Nostalgia: Reviving everyone's favorite sites

I think everyone can say that at some point they've looked back on years past, longing for the good old days. For me, that time is when Club Penguin still existed, Angry Birds and Minecraft were the most popular games out there, and I didn't have to worry about GPA as much. And as much as I love life right now, sometimes it's nice to hop on an older version of Minecraft Pocket Edition and build some stuff. It's nice looking back on things from our past and taking a nostalgic dive back into them. And recently, I have found some amazing projects made by people who agree with that. These awesome projects revive old websites that don't exist anymore, and bring them back to the modern web. Here are some of the fun ones I've played with.


So, if you used MySpace back in the early 2000s, you might have already noticed that the site that this blog post is posted on, (along with my other blog posts,) looks very similar to that. Thats because SpaceHey is a built-from-scratch replica of the old MySpace website built with privacy in mind. This site was created by a German student named An, and he literally took a look at screenshots from around the web, and used those to gather what MySpace was like. He used that knowledge to build this privacy-focused, nostalgic social media platform that works just like MySpace back in the day, (or so I've heard.) I wasn't old enough to be on social media back in MySpace's heyday, so I never used it. But I always looked back on old shows, movies, and videos where these old social media sites existed, and always wondered what it was like to use MySpace. But now, I get to experience it through SpaceHey, and I absolutely love it!

Club Penguin Rewritten

One website I did use and love as a kid was Club Penguin. I liked running around, playing the minigames, and I thought Puffles were the coolest thing. As I got older, I forgot about Club Penguin, and in turn forgot my login credentials. But I still felt a bit sad when I heard Club Penguin was shutting down. But now, someone has decided to recreate Club Penguin and host servers for it on Club Penguin Rewritten. The same person/team (I couldn't find specifically who maintains this) also hosts a game called Toon Town Rewritten, which is a recreation of another popular online Disney game that shut down. Club Penguin Rewritten is just that. A replica of the old Club Penguin game in all of its glory. Well, almost. It's in beta right now, so a lot of places and things are still in development, and therefore don't exist. But it's a fun project nonetheless, and has served well as a way to take my mind off of school when I have a spare minute.

I absolutely love these projects! I think bringing back the old gems of the internet that have disappeared is a good way for those who remember it to relive the good old days, and for those who don't to experience something amazing.

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Same here, I didn't get to experience myspace at the time but always hard about it from friends and older family, so I was thrilled to find spacehey! Seeing a lot of old internet gems get revived to use again and/or experience for the first time is so refreshing and exciting :D

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