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the s in my name stands for virgin

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updated info about me

Category: Pets and Animals

my name is saerim (sae for short) aka mireas on other platforms or accounts they/she; ihdc i'm 18 (eighteen) years old, born 07/2004 uhhh currently a full time college kid unemployed, broke, stupid i have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 parents, and 1 little sister honey butter chips, cookie dough ice cream, mochi >>> poor hawai'i citizen with THE worst timezone to be in fuck tomatoes, fuck avocados, fuck me » Continue Reading

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my stupid dog almost died

Category: Pets and Animals

its 7am and i woke up to hear my 10 month old beagle aster crying and screaming like she was being killed. it was fucking terrifying to hear and i never got out of bed so damn fast. but by the time i got to my parents room aster was hiding under the bed and my parents were near tears. they told me that my dumbass floppy eared baby chewed on their power cord and got electrocuted. not the "ouch you ... » Continue Reading

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yeth i'm uh gaimur 🤓

Category: Games

pls drop recommendations - = currently playing ~ = stopped playing > = done + = want to play abc = favs platforms: mobile, macbook ~+ minecraft - roblox - cookie run kingdom -+ okegom > needy streamer overload - project sekai > unpacking ~+ doki doki literature club + the l » Continue Reading

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something to remember

Category: Pets and Animals

no matter how edgy, emo, dark, gorey, or hardcore my layout gets, i am 5'3, fragile, and i do cry when people are mean to me okay? just putting that out there.. » Continue Reading

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that time my grandma told me i was psychic

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

idk how but everyone has a crazy story to tell about their 16th birthday, SO HERE'S MINE: my grandma came over to my house to celebrate my birthday. we have a small party with just my family and i, nothing weird. grandma ordered a cake and has to go pick it up and asks me to come with her. after we get the cake and are sitting in the driveway at home, she stops the engine and turns to look at me a... » Continue Reading

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code for my spinning cats!!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

had to copy and paste into discord cause spacehey doesnt want me to post it >:( i used 200px images and set the opacity to 0.8 so it fits my layout :p use left/right and top/bottom % to position your images have fun coding! » Continue Reading

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kin list..

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

characters that i kin: kim dokja - orv venti - genshin impact kyouka jiro - mha tomioka giyuu - kny ohto ai - wonder egg priority kenma kozume - haikyuu mami tomoe - madoka magica celestia ludenberg - danganronpa sousuke mitsuba - tbhk sunny - omori ike eveland - nijiEN mammon - obm s- s s shinji ikari hinomoni shiho - project sekai (might » Continue Reading

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if you read this you'll want to be my friend oh yeah

Category: Friends

my name? saerim. or sae. or mireas. pronouns! she/they/he (am i fluid? nb? idk man) pansexual?? still no b!tches??? i'm 17 and my birthday is 07/30!! i'm an infp and a leo!! fun!!! born and raised hawaiian, mixed ethnicities i have depression, anxiety, and adhd. yeah i'm so cool and not crying all the time i kin shinji ikari my favorite colors are dark greens, creams, and purples i despi » Continue Reading

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