that time my grandma told me i was psychic

idk how but everyone has a crazy story to tell about their 16th birthday, SO HERE'S MINE:

my grandma came over to my house to celebrate my birthday. we have a small party with just my family and i, nothing weird. grandma ordered a cake and has to go pick it up and asks me to come with her. after we get the cake and are sitting in the driveway at home, she stops the engine and turns to look at me all serious.

"what im about to tell you is something passed from generation to generation that only firstborn girls can know."

and im all like "uhhhh okay?"

then she proceeds to tell me that basically our family is descendants of hawaiian prophets, oracles, whatever u wanna call it, psychic. she asks me a bunch of questions like if i had dreams or visions and in my head im like no but i say yes and then she goes "you are psychic. i have this skill, my grandmother had this skill."

and im all like "uhh. okay. thanks mama?"

for the rest of the day whenever our eyes would meet she'd give me those sneaky knowing smiles. 

so yeah.

i think my grandma's mind is a lil wonky from age but its ok im her psychic grandkid in her head n thats cool -thumbs up-

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Lol, that's really cool. Now that you know you have these powers, what's will you do with them?

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