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2IO byf

Category: Friends

ABOUT ME name: rio age: 15!!! identity: genderqueer gay pronouns: he/him (preferred) + ze/zir ethnicity: white/indigenous latine (indigenous honduran + boricua) misc: autism + adhd likes: sonic , tmnt, everywhere at the end of time, myhouse.wad, lilith.pk3, inside job, death note, santa clarita diet, soul eater, kimi ga shine, undertale, deltarune, smii7y, kubz scouts, markiplier DNI - basic dni c... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

is there anyone else who actually cares about myhouse.wad please i need cool friends » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

oh my god the trailer. dropped yesterday and i was FREAKING out stimming like a gorilla i swear i was going insane anyways SONIC AND NINE HUG EACHOTHER LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

sonic is taking over my life ic an't do this anymore everything i think about is sonic every time i see a hedgehog i think of sonic. im going insane over this blue shitass » Continue Reading

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ben schwartz

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

i was gonna type something here but i forgo i think its funny that 2 of my biggest interests are connected by this silly ass voice actor » Continue Reading

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first blog post

Category: Blogging

i don't know how 2 use this site man. anyways sonic fans talk to me instantly » Continue Reading

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