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name: rio

age: 15!!!

identity: genderqueer gay

pronouns: he/him (preferred) + ze/zir

ethnicity: white/indigenous latine (indigenous honduran + boricua)

misc: autism + adhd

likes: sonic, tmnt, everywhere at the end of time, myhouse.wad, lilith.pk3, inside job, death note, santa clarita diet, soul eater, kimi ga shine, undertale, deltarune, smii7y, kubz scouts, markiplier


- basic dni criteria

- proship/comship/anti-anti

- sonadow/sonamy/sontails

- anti neopronouns/xenogenders

- aspie supremacy/uses the term aspergers

- people named rio (i have to be the only one) (this is a joke)

- eyestrain profiles


- sonuckles/sonilver truthers (biased) (very biased)

- kimi ga shine fans!!!! please!!!!

- artists

- other fellow autistic ppl :3

- neoprn users

- snapcube enjoyers

- shoegaze music fans (give recs!!)

- alight motion editors

- pretty much anyone not on my dni list lawl

\m/ (^_^) \m/

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