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Giving my profile a much needed overhaul

Category: SpaceHey

I spent all this afternoon overhauling a bunch of code and migrating a few images today. I had learned that Imgur embeds no longer worked, so I took the effort to find a new image hosting site to restore, or better yet improve, my profile's layout. I also added some stamps and blinkies to give my profile much needed energy. I'll be adding more as time goes by so don't think that what you see is pe... » Continue Reading

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Sorry for such a long hiatus lol

Category: Life

I created this account to be able to have the experience of having an account like MySpace as I was too young and had limited internet access growing up. I haven't done the best to update this blog but perhaps this year I will have a bigger focus in this account and give it more attention. I wanna make threads, I wanna share thoughts, and most importantly, I wanna have fun. You'll be hearing more ... » Continue Reading

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Made some artwork!

Category: Art and Photography

I don't draw as much as I used to now thanks in part to having a job, but i do occasionally find the time to do a little project for myself. I recently finished watching Soul Eater (yes, I will read the manga, don't worry, other Soul Eater fans. My copy of Vol. 1 of the Perfect Edition should be coming the week I post this) and got the idea of drawing the Pokémon Raboot dressed as Soul Evans from ... » Continue Reading

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Made myself a new avatar GIF!

Category: Art and Photography

I really liked how my profile turned out (and i know some of you like it too thanks!!), but there was somwthing missing until now: my animated profile avatar! I used to be big into art back in school, but I hadn't used my artistic skills in a while. But I managed to create something I'm really proud of! Hope you all like it as well!  » Continue Reading

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How I got my Youtube playlist to autoplay

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Hey there. I've been on this website for only two days and its already a blast. Learning how to customize my blog has been a cool experience and seeing all the intricate parts i can play around with was mind-blowing. I figured out how to get music playing on my blog thanks to the many guides on here, but when I heard you could embed a Youtube playlist, I had to try it out. I was getting a lot of e... » Continue Reading

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Favorite Handheld console?

Category: Games

As someone who didn't grow up with a lot money and personal space, handheld consoles were my preferred gaming systems. I've owned various kinds from a Sega Game Gear to a Nintendo DS, 3DS, and Switch. Collecting old-school handhelds is own of my favorite things to do! What are some of your favorite handheld gaming systems? » Continue Reading

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I'm on SpaceHey!

Category: SpaceHey

Hey y'all! Finally got around to making my account here. Gonna make a few changes from time to time to really get the full experience. Hope to meet some cool folks here! » Continue Reading

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