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"Frolicking in the fields! when I should be doing homework! "

I'm just a guy who feels like a llama sometimes

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The Llama's Grand Return!

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Hello friends old and new!  I have been away since day 8 of the Advent Calendar back in December and I return as a stranger in a strange land yet one only too familiar. A waking dreamland haunted by the echoes of a long-forgotten nightmare. And now, to all of you, I say greetings and welcome.  It has been exciting to view all the new changes to this site in the 2+ months I was away. I am appreciat... » Continue Reading

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I have achieved maximum cursor customization for my holiday purposes

Category: SpaceHey

That is all. Thank you all again for your help.  Signed,  One very happy llama  » Continue Reading

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Even Llamas Have Desires... And Fears

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I'm not sure where I'm going to start with today's blog entry, so I'm going to ask for your understanding in the way I skip the intro and just jump right into it, mid-entry. Do these sentences serve the purpose of an opening then? Look at that, this problem is resolving itself already. If only solutions to all problems were so easily achievable! Well friends, it's another morning for the llama and... » Continue Reading

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Back At It Again.... Problematic as ever!

Category: SpaceHey

Back at blog posting AND prettying up my profile for the holidays. And so that brings me to today's issue.  Friends, am I ever vexed! I'm so vexed in fact, I have no flowery speech left in which to describe just how vexed I am. Flummoxed even. So here's my issue. Custom cursors! I made a delightful little cursor, a festive holiday thing to show off my llama love. Luckily my creation process consis... » Continue Reading

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I want to wear a Santa hat too but I really like my current hat

Category: SpaceHey

I saw the Santa hat advent reveal and while as a llama I do enjoy the floofy nature of the ball cap, also being a llama I have a strict sense of adherence to morality and justice so it doesn't feel right without wearing my sheriff's hat. I am a very merry llama though, eager for some holiday celebrations! Did you see the animated snow background on my profile? It's festive!  Hey, let me know your ... » Continue Reading

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What About My Blog?

Category: Blogging

This is my blog. One day it shall be glamorous, but until that day, it shall be as it currently appears. Until I change it, and then it will look different. I don't even know if I can change the blog appearance. I will have to check other blogs and see.  What content will be in my blog? Thanks for asking, because honestly I hadn't considered. I think it will be a conglomeration of things, all loos... » Continue Reading

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