Even Llamas Have Desires... And Fears

I'm not sure where I'm going to start with today's blog entry, so I'm going to ask for your understanding in the way I skip the intro and just jump right into it, mid-entry. Do these sentences serve the purpose of an opening then? Look at that, this problem is resolving itself already. If only solutions to all problems were so easily achievable!

Well friends, it's another morning for the llama and the man behind the llama. Just to clear up confusion, there is no actual llama here with me. The closest I have is a skeptical cat, but whoever would associate that trait with llamas, right? I didn't get to post a traditional blog entry yesterday, because the cursor issue drove me to drinking last night. First in frustration while the problem went unsolved. Then in sweet, sweet vindication as together, this community drove back the forces of my technological ineptitude and presented me the answer I needed to break my cursor curse. 

So I put this under "Goals, Plans, Hopes" and haven't really spoken to any of those points yet. I have at least a mild interest in psychology, and it has taught me at least one thing. Everyone has goals, plans, hopes. I'm sure in the spacehey community alone, there's a large number of us who all share the same goals, plans and hopes. Especially hopes. Which doesn't seem like a real word suddenly, but I digress. Who wouldn't hope for more money? It's so easy, I'm doing it right now while I type this blog post. Planning for more money though, that would require my full attention. 

Here's my question for you today, Spacehey community. What's your life planning system like? Does it consist of small steps or just the milestones? How do you determine if it's working? Does that create a level of contentment for you? If you don't have a system like that, how do you know your day to day is working for you? How do you measure your own contentedness in life? 

Personally, I consider myself at least somewhat content with my life but I still find myself without answers to some of those questions I've asked. Is it the idea that some people like to achieve goals and other people don't necessarily care, or are the achievements tied to something deeper? I'm sure there's been plenty of research done into similar questions, maybe I'll look something up. 

I think this post became somewhat rambling toward the end of that second paragraph, but I didn't really want to waste it. I'll blame the lack of coffee, which I will rectify after I post. But if you stuck with it, thanks for reading. And if you answer in the comments, double thank you. 

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