What About My Blog?

This is my blog. One day it shall be glamorous, but until that day, it shall be as it currently appears. Until I change it, and then it will look different. I don't even know if I can change the blog appearance. I will have to check other blogs and see. 

What content will be in my blog? Thanks for asking, because honestly I hadn't considered. I think it will be a conglomeration of things, all loosely tied to one goal. I am attempting to generate a career in streaming (honestly, who isn't?), and while I don't expect to succeed fantastically in that regard, it is a nice opportunity to learn things like python coding for a discord bot and maybe make a twitch bot too. I feel I don't have an interesting approach to the streaming concept yet, though I think my personality lends itself to such a thing. Anyone reading this, what streamers hold your attention and what do they do in order to accomplish such? What sort of personality traits keep you watching?

I don't want to default to giveaways at the beginning, because that doesn't help to build a community. It seems that community-building is the best way to consider the growth of a streaming profession. I suppose the reach of many exceeds the reach of one. 

I might also post about my experiences related to learning Adobe products through their provided tutorials. In that regard, I am motivated to learn but also incredibly lazy. Maybe if I make a daily blog post a thing every morning, it will remind me what I want to accomplish for the day and then I'll become a more productive person over time. It seems like a pipe dream right now, but this is an exciting new time I'm having, revisiting the past in a new manner with this website, so anything feels possible! 

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Most things are possible, be true, take care of yourself and try to put in the steps to get up that mountain

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