The Llama's Grand Return!

Hello friends old and new! 

I have been away since day 8 of the Advent Calendar back in December and I return as a stranger in a strange land yet one only too familiar. A waking dreamland haunted by the echoes of a long-forgotten nightmare. And now, to all of you, I say greetings and welcome. 

It has been exciting to view all the new changes to this site in the 2+ months I was away. I am appreciative for the update log so I can see exactly what has been added and when. But I see my profile is woefully out of date for the season, for I am no longer a Christmas Llama (but I'll never pass up an excuse to wear a floppy red hat!) and so I brush off the meager HTML and CSS skills I barely re-learned 2 months ago for the grand update to my page. 

Please, share in the comments your favorite feature of the site or your favorite profile! I saw so many cool profiles 2 months ago, I can only imagine how much cooler they've become since An implemented so many new features! I need inspiration for my updates. 

I am looking forward to talking to each and every one of you out there!

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