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thinking about trying diff pronouns

Category: Life

xe/xem has been appealing to me a lot lately but i have reservations about telling that to strangers cuz. yknow. people are immature. i just hate trying to fit into the narrow box of gender expression + like the idea of weird wacky terms of reference :]  i sometimes feel like a robot or something pretending to be human » Continue Reading

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if u guys were a robot what kind would you be

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

thinking about robots so much lately i feel a kinship with them #autism. anyway thought this was a fun question teehee i think personally i'd be a funny sentient ai. like i wouldnt go full AM but id do some light tormenting. or like if anyone knows rio ranger from yttd, that kinda deal ill put this in tech cuz idk where else 2 post » Continue Reading

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any art fghters?? :]

Category: Art and Photography

im so excited this year!!! my 2nd yr of fighting. too bad the sites down already lol » Continue Reading

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sometimes i wish i lived in homestuck

Category: Blogging

i like how they operate. rlly i like the idea of total isolation with just a few online friends + freedom to enjoy my hyper specific interests n weird ways of talking and dressing. jade harley had an awesome existence for a bit i may just have autism tbh » Continue Reading

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weird religions and spirituality and stuff

Category: Religion and Philosophy

im trying to get better at writing just to write so i'm gonna just write about something i think about a lot >_ < im not exactly a religious person but my relationship with it is kinda weird since i do kind of believe in spiritual things. basically i don't find most major world religions appealing because of how they're traditionally practiced, i find a lot of it too strict » Continue Reading

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i wanna rave

Category: Parties and Nightlife

i rlly wanna rave but i feel like rhey dont happen where i am cuz theyd get totally highjacked by just trhe worst kind of people in existence. not enough cool alternative ppl here » Continue Reading

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bored :p

Category: Life

i wish spacehey wasmore active oh how i yearn 2 be a myspace user in its prime :,T i'd sooo host parties n invite all my myspace friends » Continue Reading

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