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Category: Life

05-06-2022 im honestly so exhausted , i feel weak? like not physically weak but emotionally weak. im so bad at dealing with stress and with situations and problems. I get more than two problems thrown at me and i instantly crumble. It sucks to have this realization because, I honestly thought that i was good at solving problems and that i had a very adaptive personality, but i guess not. It makes ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i feel numb , that's all I feel, I'm not angry or sad about feeling this way. I don't know how i feel about this emotion at all actually. if I was to describe how I feel right now id say that it feels like sitting in silence alone . my limbs start to feel much more sensitive and i feel exhausted, like coming back home from a long day at a loud office.  sometimes i think that my brain does this to ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

potential,  i hate how everything and everyone, every situation and problem, every solution has a line of maximum potential that it can reach and yet everything is so, damp? blunt, dull, monotonous. i know that my life right now has probably reached its maximum potential and that the possibility of it getting any better than it is right now is extremely low. but it still feels like everything is j... » Continue Reading

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meaningful tattoos??

Category: Art and Photography

hi everyone  im getting a tattoo next weekend as a gift from my moms friend for my birthday. i sent her an image of the tattoo i wanted, which was three hearts which all looked slightly different. and when she asked me what they meant i drew a complete blank. honestly the only reason that i picked that tattoo was because i thought it looked gorgeous. when i asked my sister what tattoo she was gett... » Continue Reading

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stop romanticizing your life!!

Category: Life

what does it mean to romanticize your life? this concept it pretty easy to understand, it is basically the act of falling in love with your life, the small simple things by making things 10 times as attractive and thinking of yourself as the main character in a movie.  idealizing your life. dangers of romanticizing your life i do not promote romanticizing your life at all as i think that it can ha... » Continue Reading

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