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stop romanticizing your life!!

what does it mean to romanticize your life?

this concept it pretty easy to understand, it is basically the act of falling in love with your life, the small simple things by making things 10 times as attractive and thinking of yourself as the main character in a movie. 

idealizing your life.

dangers of romanticizing your life
i do not promote romanticizing your life at all as i think that it can harm you and your beliefs and capability to address problems and challenges. as someone who used to look up to people who romanticized their life i slowly realized that this is actually a way of people hiding from reality. this concept has become so popular now days but its also has underlying lies. 
to make this easier to understand ill present you with an example,
lets talk about someone who is anorexic and this person practices romanticizing your life. due to their mental health and especially if they are not in recovery, they could be romanticizing their eating disorder while also promoting it to the public subconsciously. this could apply to a multitude of  mental disorders. not only is it making the person get worse but it is also making them think that their state is okay, and beautiful and that there is no need for them to get any better. this is extremely harmful and simply not healthy. 

romanticizing your life is only a distraction. you post a couple of pretty pictures on your socials of you laying in bed all day with your hair messy but this is only distracting you from what you are actually going through. and whats worse is that the public will support this without knowing. since your hair folds the right way and your eye lashes bat slowly they will all compliment you not knowing what youre really going through. once again, promoting your mental health to get worse because you will start to believe that the way you are right now is okay, when its not.

if your mentally healthy and romanticize your life it still promotes a false society to you and makes you sensitive not prepared for the harsh realities. and since you think of yourself as the main character it projects an unhealthy mentality and can possibly make you selfish.

it also tries to make a distinction of whats 'good' for you and whats 'bad' for you. i personally dont think thats theres any such thing as good and bad. for example, people who romanticize your life paint a picture in your head that while reading a book is good  and productive, watching netflix only wastes your time. they both have advantages, reading a book expands your knowledge and watching nextflix gives you a break to relax and can also promote friendships with people.

what can you do instead?
even though romanticizing your life will feel great, it will have longer term problems. instead you just have to face whatever is happening to you and your problems. i promise you that you can face it and that there is nothing you cant do.

im open to questions, have a good day :)
-xo noodle

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