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i love lucy

Category: Pets and Animals

monday, june 17, 2024 say hello to lucy, my new dog ! » Continue Reading

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Category: School, College, University

monday, may 20, 2024 so this afternoon was my high school graduation !! it went really well, i'm so happy :) i had to be up bright and early this morning to go to a two hour long graduation practice, but i honestly think it went by pretty quickly. after i came home i ate and got dressed, and the outfit i wore was actually super comfortable (besides the heels because they became very painful after ... » Continue Reading

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last day of highschool

Category: Blogging

friday, may 17, 2024 so yesterday was my very last day of highschool, and i felt kinda weird while i was leaving, but now i'm feeling really good and i'm still super hyped for this upcoming summer. yesterday just felt unreal, like i could not actually believe it was finally my last day. i remember the very first day of ninth grade so vividly. i remember logging on to m » Continue Reading

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phone theme !

Category: Blogging

saturday, march 16, 2024 here is my new phone theme, it's so pretty and pink » Continue Reading

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my new life ♡

Category: Blogging

wednesday, march 13, 2024 it's currently spring break for me, and i have been doing a great deal of both resting and cleaning the past couple of days :D it just feels great to finally have a chance to just be, without having to worry much about school, homework, and cheer ofc. ever since cheer ended in february, i've just felt so happy. i feel like i smile more, i cry less, an » Continue Reading

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am i wrong to feel like this ?

Category: SpaceHey

saturday, dec 23, 2023 so lately, i've been coming across a few posts on the layouts section by people using my layouts as a base and not crediting me. the thing is, i would be completely fine allowing anyone to use my layouts as a base, but the fact that i don't receive any sort of credit by these people for my work makes me a little upset. to better explain what i'm trying to say, other users ar... » Continue Reading

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december eleventh, twenty twenty-three

Category: Blogging

friday, nov 24, 2023 i just find it so crazy how by december of this year, i will have been on spacehey for a whole year. like what?!? i remember visiting this site for the very first time like it was yesterday and being so confused with coding a layout, yet so eager to make friends. it was so exciting!! and honestly, i feel like if i had started adding people and posting bulletins right away, i p... » Continue Reading

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growing up

Category: Blogging

friday, sept 15, 2023 i can't help but feel terribly old sometimes, like i've kinda just been existing since i turned thirteen. and i guess it's true? i mean, i'm still alive, but the truth is, i don't like the feeling of growing up at all :( some things are overwhelming at times, and i feel afraid for my future. i still don't have a clear clue what i want to do for my career, where i want to go t... » Continue Reading

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just a thought

Category: Blogging

sunday, july 23, 2023 so, one thing that i absolutely love about this site is the customization factor. ever since i created this account, i have thoroughly enjoyed making layouts. at first, i only coded for myself, but as i got better w/ css, i started posting them. in short, i love making layouts and sharing them. i love to see all the nice comments, and i make sure to take » Continue Reading

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a great day

Category: Blogging

friday, june 30, 2023 today was an amazing day!! i went to my work, and it was mostly a chill day, so there wasn't a whole lot of stuff for me to do which was really nice considering that this week has been fu » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

hi everyone! this is the start of my new blog, and i will mainly be using this to post about really anything, from events in my days to … other stuff?  i look forward to fun times blogging, as the thought of decorating my posts nicely brings me so much excitement :D so, stay tuned!! i hope to make lots of progress  ♡ » Continue Reading

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