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Got a car🚗👨🏽‍🎤

Category: Automotive

Finally after 5000 years I got my first car, a 2021 Hyundai Elantra!!! » Continue Reading

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Long awaited Video

Category: Games

My long awaited video is finally here in 20 minutes!!! ! CLICK HERE!!! » Continue Reading

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Happy New Year!!!

Category: Parties and Nightlife

Happy new year!!! Fun fact about this new year is that it is a fibonacci sequence. 1 1 2 3 regardless if you view it as MM/DD/YY  OR DD/MM/YY   » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Anyone down to chat im bored. DNI if you're under 18 or over 25. Peferanle someone near my age » Continue Reading

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I’m here

Category: Blogging

I know no one sees my blogs (anti black if you ask me but whatevs), but to anyone with a uterus/affected by roe v wade, if you need help or need to talk feel free to friend and message me. This shit is not not ever will be fucking ok!! » Continue Reading

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Multidisciplinary Studies Major

Category: School, College, University

Anyone out here a multidisciplinary Studies major or studied it. I’m currently studying CS but I’m indecisive af and have multiple interests besides cs, so I’ve been debating on it for a while  » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Even though I'm on here 24/7 like white on rice. I be getting bored. I want to talk to people here that are  18+ but under 30.  » Continue Reading

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Pokemon Day 26!!!

Category: Friends

Happy Pokemon Day everyone!!! Here's some goods I got at an event in my city. I'm trying to keep myself busy in light of my recent grandma's passing.  » Continue Reading

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New Videos

Category: Games

My reaction to getting the two shiny hippies is up, as well as Shiny badge quest ep.1 on my page, I was able to put my twitch account on my page I will be live in a couple hours playing pokemon legends arceus » Continue Reading

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Where have I been?

Category: Games

Sorry everyone, I've been busy doing streams, playing shining pearl, and legends arceus. I will change my page to look like the new game so stay tuned for that. As for my YouTube I will be uploading the following vids from my streams: SBQ Post-game EP1: Shining Pearl 2 Shiny Hoppips: Shining Pearl It's Husui Time!!!: Legends Arceus I have links to both my YouTube and twitch in my page » Continue Reading

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A Newbie ACNH Player’s First Month

Category: Games

Hello everyone here’s a short video of my first month of playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. Check it out! While I wait for my copy of Shining Pearl to arrive. Also watch out for the BDSP tidbit😉 https://youtu.be/rO2cccVCHBA » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

Anyone else excited for Pokemon BDSP? What other games is everyone playing? I started playing Animal Crossing New Horizons about a month ago and its addicting. I got cause my other games are not with me atm. I'm also new to Spacehey and joined a few days ago.   » Continue Reading

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