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Survey for YOU to help ME (kids, you too. Maybe you especially)

Category: Music

What GREAT MUSIC do I need to hear? Looking 20th and 21st century. Please  comment  with YOUR THOUGHTS.  One artist and one song from each decade.  Would help if you  mention the genre  as well. If you only love ONE decade of music, that's OKAY! Just answer that!  Here goes: 1) 1910s 2) 1920s 3) 1930s 4) 1940s 5) 1950s 6) 1960s 7) 1970s 8) 1980s 9) 1990s 10) 2000s 11) 2010s 12) 2020s   Copy and pa... » Continue Reading

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Your dignity

Category: Life

So, in today’s world, or in any world for that matter, we often find ourselves confronted with individuals who will make us angry; or drained, or try to belittle us in some way. It can be off putting at the least, but I thought that I’d like to share a few thoughts on maintaining balance and integrity in the face of a contentious encounter.   It starts with dignity. We are all born with basic huma... » Continue Reading

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I Challenge You

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Elspeth, well into her 90s and my last living elder in the Craft, has gone into the hospital and I don't yet know what comes next for her. It is beyond time I shared some of the words that have come through her. The Challenge I challenge you, by Mystery and by Magik, to become the person you were meant to be.- To cherish the sacred earth, to honor the blowing winds, to nourish the healing fire, to... » Continue Reading

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Beatles fans - question!

Category: Music

Do you consider "Free as a Bird", "Real Love", and "Now and Then" to be 'canon' Beatles songs? What DO you consider canon? I'm thinking their 'cleaned up' catalogue of the 12 UK albums, the US "Magical Mystery Tour" album and "Past Masters (the collection of released material not on the albums) to perhaps be "core canon" and the newer singles to be "expanded canon"? What about the "My Bonnie" era ... » Continue Reading

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Songs not in the Barbie movie

Category: Music

Herself and I recently watched the Barbie movie. Good film! We quite enjoyed it! There was a bit where Barbie was traveling, open convertible, and blasting “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls. Damn, but when that album dropped it became SOUNDTRACK for me! And the memories came flooding back as I sang every line along with Barbie lol! I recall performing that song and others from that album MANY t... » Continue Reading

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Barrett's Privateers

Category: Music

This is Barrett's Privateers by Stan Rogers. This is not an authentic sea shanty from back in the day, but it is very much in the style! Although this is a fictional tale about a privateer contracted by England to prey on American merchant ships during the American revolution, the nautical terms are pretty spot on accurate for the time, and the tale captures the long stretches of routine punctuate... » Continue Reading

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All of Robert Johnson

Category: Music

I'll be shocked if there is anyone reading this who doesn't know the name. I mean, why click on this blog? If you've listened to the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, the Blues Brothers, and quite a number of other artists, you've heard his songs. If you've listened to ANY music from the second half of the 20th century up to today that even vaguely has a blues element within it, odds are... » Continue Reading

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How to harvest, process, and eat acorns – poor and bored series – pt. 1?

Category: Food and Restaurants

Never underestimate the combined forces of ‘poor’ and ‘bored’.   Acorns are one of the healthiest nuts you can eat and they grow just about freakin’ everywhere. For most folks think of a yard full of fallen acorns as a nuisance, but it’s free food! Large sections of pre-Colombian North America and the dense forests of Eurasia relied on acorns as a major food source. Trouble is, it takes a newly pl... » Continue Reading

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Jimi Hendrix was a sci-fi nerd

Category: Music

Some might credit him as the best guitarist of all time. I never go that far, and I can argue for several guitarists from different genres over the last 100 years or so, but Jimi always makes the short list. Jimi himself was very self-conscious and self-effacing about his own talents. There is an unconfirmed account of a reporter asking him "How does it feel to be the world's greatest guitar playe... » Continue Reading

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Like a map of music

Category: Music

Bach was a genius. The perfect fusion of math and logic with creativity and emotion. Especially his fugues. And this fugue SLAPS. A fugue is a form of writing with some specific rules. Below is a video for his Little Fugue in gm. It's a fairly simple, straight forward fugue and the video is strongly visual so even if you can't read music you can easily follow along.  Just a tip or two about listen... » Continue Reading

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How to spot creepers on Spacehey

Category: Friends

You know the sort. Menfolk who want to chat you up and hopefully have some sexy private message time. They're annoying and about as subtle as a turd in a punchbowl. Here's a short list of red flags for spotting them from the start: Little to no info on their profile. No blog posts, no bulletin posts, no forum topics. You've never seen them comment on anyone else's bulletins.  All of the people on ... » Continue Reading

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To the emo kids of space hey!

Category: Life

I see you. I see the intentionally dark and sardonic posts you make. You're fine! You've always been fine! Yeah, being young is frustrating as hell. You want your life to begin and it seems that folks are trying to hold you back. That's okay! You still need to time to figure it all out! The bad news: You never figure it all out. The good news: You get real comfortable with that! So, the frustratio... » Continue Reading

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