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Crown Of The Beast OCT Vs. Kaycie - Audition Comic Dub

Category: Art and Photography

After Two months of work, I have finally finished a comic dub that I have created as an audition for the Crown Of The Beast OCT! Premiering tomorrow at 2PM EST! Check It, Share It, Watch It! https://youtu.be/mBDm5_FXOG4 » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

In case you didn't know, I also mix music in my spare time, and I recently made a new one to commemorate the return of THUNDERDOME, check it! https://youtu.be/MIWmxu06BIw HARDCORE NEVER DIE! » Continue Reading

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New Website!!!

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Ay Yo! It's me the K$TR!!! It's always sorta a long time before I post anything mostly cuz I can't really be bothered to keep updating every single social media I have, so I just decided to make my own hub for all the things I do! https://kstrs-crib.carrd.co/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thaat link up there yea, that's my new site im working on!!! » Continue Reading

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Splinter City OCT - Vs. Kaycie Audition

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Made a new animation that ya'll should check out if you haven't already! YouTube Link -  https://youtu.be/QQ7b_04XiNg » Continue Reading

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Shameless Plug Lol

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

HEY YOU! Yeah you! Wanna get some pretty sweet 2000s style clothing and merch to wear and put on ur body? Well do I got the place for you~ "N3X GEN BODYWORKS"! Filled with all of my original designs made to ooze that late 90s and early 2000s energy, you'll feel like you've been warpped through time! Perfect for all occasions; Casual wear, parties and raves, weddings, divorces, etc. What are you wa... » Continue Reading

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Persona Illustrations

Category: Art and Photography

Recent drawings of my new persona, a cool and edgy 2000s alien dude with blue fur and killer threads! » Continue Reading

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Dream Journal Excerpt #1

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Reposting an entry from my dream journal from a dream meaning forum post; "In this dream, I was showing one of my friends an old underground bunker that was in my neighborhood, and my sisters ex boyfriend was there too. Confused and enraged I proceeded to beat him up and escape before anyone could break up the fight. Outside I sat alone at a park bench until a girl with blue hair and blue veiny ey... » Continue Reading

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First day

Category: Life

First day here, wow this is a kick-ass place. Reminds me of the good ol' days. Guess I'll hang here for a while, if I like it enough I can call this my home on the internet. For now tho, just consider me a guest. » Continue Reading

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