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[The TikTokfication of Everything]

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

The TikTokfication of Everything TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms there is now, and originally I didn’t have that much issue with it. It started from Vine, then Musical.ly, and then we got TikTok. There’s probably something else that comes before Vine but not any that I know of. This would’ve been fine, it would’ve been totally alright if the short-form videos had stayed in... » Continue Reading

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[Consultations Non-Frustration]

Category: Blogging

   Okay welcome back to my now-and-then ramblings everyone. I'm at the library right now, just finished my consultation for my silly little poetry guideline book. Things are going well! I just need to finish the other two chapters. It's taking some time, but my supervisor said that I'm on the right paths so that should be something good that I should focus on!    I'm pretty booked for the whole da... » Continue Reading

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[Brewed Beyond The Woods]

Category: Writing and Poetry

This was an assignment borderlining a fanfic. She stares into her warm cup of tea, the steam gently slithering out of it. The warm cabin creaks under the strong wind, it’s a sunny day accompanied by a strong breeze. In front of her is a spectre, sipping his own tea and enjoying the taste of it – but she doesn’t know whose spectre it is – she dares not to look at it. Averting any eye contact, she r... » Continue Reading

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[Appetite of Air]

Category: Blogging

Writing this outside of my college, by its cafeteria. The night air tastes like clarity, I needed it.  I got the position, under the bureau of information and publishing. Which means, we'll be handling the notice and everything that will come out of the organisation. Public info, really. I like it, I think I'll enjoy fixing notice and all. We'll be working on some posters too, but my leader hasn't... » Continue Reading

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[Serenity In The Eye of The Storm]

Category: Blogging

Muscles rigidity or tension is often caused by stress. As I am writing this, my posterior and lateral muscles are as hard as bricks and I can barely move my neck. stress   noun   OPAL W OPAL S   /stres/   /stres/ mental pressure ‚Äč     [uncountable, countable]   pressure or worry caused by problems in somebody’s life or by having too much to do I'm actually having trouble on deciding if I should st... » Continue Reading

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[Where A Manic Episode Takes You]

Category: Blogging

Greetings, I am Korelle! I created this account when I was going through it-- a day ago-- because I'd recently found out that a new app that I have been obsessed with will eventually turn into an NFT platform. As an artist, I am pretty sensitive when it comes to this topic. Add up to the equation that I am very much against environmental destruction. The app is called Bondee, it's a rather innocen... » Continue Reading

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