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[Where A Manic Episode Takes You]

Greetings, I am Korelle!

I created this account when I was going through it-- a day ago-- because I'd recently found out that a new app that I have been obsessed with will eventually turn into an NFT platform. As an artist, I am pretty sensitive when it comes to this topic. Add up to the equation that I am very much against environmental destruction.

The app is called Bondee, it's a rather innocent app as of now, with free unlimited outfit and decorations to accessorize both your avatar and your own space. It specifically caters to young adults such as myself, and advertise itself as a platform where you specifically only bond with your friends with the ability of living together with them in the Metaverse.

(Couldn't they have given it a cooler name? Metaverse sounds so lame..) 

I love the idea behind that, I love that a concept I had been thinking of since I was a kid was actually made true. It felt amazing because it's all that I've ever wanted when I had my little group of online friends. So I'll stick with it for the moment and see how it goes.

As a social media platform, it is slowly mass adopting users, starting from Southeast Asia. It's pretty entertaining to check out my friends' rooms and seeing their little avatars interacting with mine in the chat, but it gets boring really fast too. Since the app solely relies on the friends we have on it for content, sometimes our friends are just out there touching grass. Which is good! I should do that more! But other than chatting, dressing up your avatar, decorating your house, and floating in the middle of the open sea that barely shows nor gives you anything -- there's not much else to do. Plus, the word limit there somehow infuriates me more than Twitter, as it also has a photo limit. A limit of one..

I like to write my thoughts, sure nobody asked but that's how I organise the convoluted pink noodles that is my brain.

Anyway, I've actually been looking for a website exactly like this to post my blogs! I've tried many apps/websites before. But they never really lived up to my expectations, so I was really excited when I found out about this! Learning CCS hurts my brain in a fun way. I love figuring out new things about this place, and I love figuring out how codes work.

I'm not exactly a social person, but I am trying to be more open these days. I think I'll keep posting my stuff here publicly, 

-- xo

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