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Graphics hoard

Category: Life

Here's  my graphics hoard!! It's mostly blinkies lol I like them most  (Flash + eyestrain warning, plz be careful)  » Continue Reading

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About me

Category: Life

I realized that you guys won't know a lot about me!! So I'm gonna link u some things :P  my neopronouns all of my names me irl  + akira nishikiyama from yakuza I just don't have that one listed also I'm a fallen angel/angel!! I switch between saying those two diff ones. And I'm an alternate (tmc) so that's cool!! I got some other questioning kintypes but I'm just pretty sure of that one :0) more s... » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

Idk why there isn't a games section in the interests bit!!! So I'll just put my interests of those here!!! I like resident evil, yakuza, 8:11, fnaf, sally face, roblox, the quarry, life is strange, dbh, tf2, lollipop chainsaw & cod mw2!!! Resident evil and fnaf are my spinterests :p and I think I'm hyperfixated on yakuza... I'm hoping I'll get another roblox hyperfix I've had 2 and they r so fun t... » Continue Reading

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abt this acc!!!

Category: SpaceHey

Hey y'all!!! I wanted to let u guys know that i might not be very active on this acc as much :(( i have another acc where i actually act more like myself!!!!! I luvvv acting like this but it's getting pretty tiring even tho i wanna keep the act up :/ so on my other acc i act more like me!! if u still wanna be friends w me then leave a comment and i'll add u on there!!! :] i'll still try to be acti... » Continue Reading

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life updates n stuffs :P

Category: Life

I MADE A BULLETIN ABOUT THIS BUT!!! I wanted to say more and my bulletin is only up for 10 days lolz :P but i'm back online!!! I'm not on spacehey v often and i'm so super sorry abt that!!!! I'm mainly on other sites but i GOTTA try to stay on spacehey more :3 my summer school ends in 3 days which is suuuuper sick!!! speaking of sick i am lolz.... i think i'm getting better tho X) omg andddd i wat... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Soz for not posting or being active a lot lately!!! I'll try to be more active :P school is almost done so thats cool!! ends in like 2 days X) except i have to do summer school cuz i got lazy and started liek not doing work at all lolz.... :T i've been working on my blinkie/graphics hoard recently!!! I reeaallyy like it tbh !!!! it's silly and colorful u should totallyyyyyy look at it cuz it's awe... » Continue Reading

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curiouscat / anon msgs !!

Category: Life

Hai guyz!!! i'm bored so if u ever wanna send me an anonymous message wtv it is go for it :P I'll be posting my responses on twt but if u don't have it u can also just look back at my ccat profile!!!! X) my ccat!! » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I wish I could dress like this so BADDDDD and I wish I could get tattoos... mark my words I will someday !!! » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Jeez sorry!!!! I didn't realize I haven't been very active lately!!! I'll try to be more active I just haven't been feeling very well mentally for a while!!!!! :T » Continue Reading

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Heck yeah!!

Category: Food and Restaurants

Just got boba and food from a food truck!! I also got cheesecake from a foodtruck earlier but i already ate that :P it is soooo good » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

Blah blah blah by kesha and 3oh!3 is stuck in my headdddd!! fun fact i actually stole my status from a caption on a resident evil edit on tiktok... :P I thought it was silly. it was an edit of me too!!! » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

I feel like I'm missing something or I need to add or do something here? But I'm not sure what it is!! I don't think I'm missing any info or anything.... agh!!!!! I hate feeling like this!! » Continue Reading

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