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True Crime/ETC: whats not allowed?

Category: SpaceHey

To keep it as simple as possible.  Your profile picture, username or interest/heroes can not be glorifying a murderer, terrorist, etc . A few examples as follows: If your profile is covered in photos and gifs of them etc... rule break. If your heroes is hitler, ted bundy etc... rule break. If your pfp is seriel killer, school shooter etc... rule break. You can share that you enjoy true crime. You ... » Continue Reading

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Do you wonder about reporting?

Category: SpaceHey

I want to take a second and acknowledge that I hear the complaints. I see you being vocal about one page not being banned while the next one is. I know its infuriating to feel like one person is doing worse than the one that was already removed. I try my best to prioritize the reports, but know I cant just take someone's word. I reach out to those who made a report if no proof is provided or it is... » Continue Reading

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Suicide Hotline Links | Awareness

Category: Life

The best links I've personally found that give a lot of info: International Suicide Hotlines   » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

While I have a moment I'd like to say... It's very commonly only 1 of us online at a time currently. I don't say this to receive empathy, I say this to remind you all that when you see accounts going untouched for hours, I'm asleep which is what many behind the spam accounts wait for. I do need to attend to personal things, but I do try to push through when I know no one else is online at the time... » Continue Reading

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Age Requirement + Spamming

Category: SpaceHey

You must be  13 +  to join Spacehey.  It has come to my attention that many are making fake/role playing accounts and listing their age below 13.  This will result in a ban . If you have numerous accounts, having one role play account is one thing, but if you are adding up on accounts linked to you that  will result in a ban . Take note that is why you see a lot of the alike profiles being banned ... » Continue Reading

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IP Banning

Category: SpaceHey

Is easier said than done. No, It is not currently implemented. The idea is tossed around. We hear you. Remember this is large part of what Spacehey is built around below.... Privacy Friendly SpaceHey has no algorithms, no tracking, and no personalized Ads - Feeds on SpaceHey are chronological and there is no suggested content begging for your attention. You decide what you want to share and what c... » Continue Reading

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Lets touch on Rule #5 Harmful Content.

Category: SpaceHey

Please ask questions if you aren't sure about something (: I want to touch on this subject again for a moment and this will be a bit more personal instead of  Mod Mode  as I will call it. When I'm handling reports I'm in  Mod Mode , I can not let my personal feelings or beliefs determine my decisions. Safety You are  not  allowed to display, share or promote any form of Violence Abuse Harassment H... » Continue Reading

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Reporting on Spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

Thank you to everyone who makes reports to keep Spacehey as safe as possible! If you are not sure about what is a reportable offense, please see Spacehey Rules  and Terms of Service . Sometimes reports are very obvious at face value and I can take care of it swiftly, other times it's lacking just enough info to help me follow up as quickly as I'd like to. With that said, when you are sending a rep... » Continue Reading

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