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While I have a moment I'd like to say... It's very commonly only 1 of us online at a time currently. I don't say this to receive empathy, I say this to remind you all that when you see accounts going untouched for hours, I'm asleep which is what many behind the spam accounts wait for. I do need to attend to personal things, but I do try to push through when I know no one else is online at the time.

I just want to make it clear that I am always trying, but remember that I can not protect you all the time. No one can protect you better than yourself.

BLOCK accounts that you are having issues with (if they are breaking rules, screenshot, report then block.)
Stop clicking on every new user that joins, especially if you are sensitive to anything because anything can be on them before a Mod sees it.
Stop giving those who want your clear attention just that.

In addition: Reminders I keep repeating.

❌ Telling users to kill themselves in any sort of way (kys, die, end it - or any form of suggesting this) will result in a ban. Posting these same things about yourself will also result in a ban.

This will be reshared here from a recent bulletin I made:

instead of report... you should block if...

it's an agree to disagree situation.
you don't like looking at their profile.
you simply don't like their vibes.
you don't want to receive friend request.
you think they're mean.
you don't agree with their sexuality.
you don't agree with their pronouns.
you don't agree with who they support.
political differences.
religious differences. 

Now if they are targeting a group (such as race, religion or gender) as a whole and showing a lot of dislike in multiple post, this is hate speech. This can result in a ban.

If you share you don't agree with something in general and don't come off as an attack, this is fine.
If you share you don't understand something and are open to discussion without going into attack, this is fine.
If you share your distaste for something and then also call them names or wish harm of any sort, this is NOT fine.

These are touchy subjects and as Mod I have to be very unbiased and just read through these things without any feelings involved. Some won't always agree with the outcome, because of the topic at hand, we all have subjects we feel strongly about. Outside of Mod Mode I completely understand. Some subjects are easier to one person, but harder for the next. Remember I'm only human, I try my absolute best to keep you all safe, but you have to protect yourself also. If I am not sure how to take something I'm reading, I'll come back to it later when I feel like I can understand the context better.

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Mrissi Neko

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I’m okay with people befriending me and I’m not easily offended. I’ll definitely won’t add to your workload. Thanks for doing good job 🩷

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Voxxus Altari

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Whilst i respect the work you have done for the community I cannot overstate the fact that your team needs more moderators. It seems it's every few days now that trolls and spammers are making more work for you, there needs to be more people to deal with this.

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you guys need more mods

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You need more Moderators. I'm sure you will find trustworthy engaged people.
I'm Mod myself in a social network with ~3000 active users, we are 11 mods, one admin and one technician. 4 mods are allowed to delete content with agreement of three others. The admin bans people if necessary. We all do it in our free time and without payment. Still there are times where everyone is busy, and we can't react immediatelly.

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You guys should really talk to An about implementing something like the Janitor system that a lot of forums implemented in the 90's.

A janitor is essentially a trustworthy user who doesn't have the authority to delete content or issue bans, but can put a one-time 12 hour hide on posts and users that prevents anyone other than the user's immediate followers and friends from seeing the flagged content. Content flagged by the janitors would then be reviewed by a moderator later to determine if it should actually be deleted or have the temporary hide lifted.

It was also a good system for helping to vet potential mod candidates, like a trial run for a few months to see if someone is moderator material.

Just an idea at least. It sounds like the current system you guys have is taking a toll and isn't sustainable for your own mental health in the long run, I do not envy the position you are all in.

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this is a really good idea!

by ポッチ; ; Report

I support this! Sounds awesome!

by TA_LISF; ; Report

HELLY STILETTO, High Priestess of Coffee and Wine

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Thank you!!

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thank u <3 i know a lot of us see how hard u work but seriously i wish ppl would seriously just ignore it. like ive seen so many ppl constantly complain ab the spammers but theyre the ones subjecting themselves to it by not ignoring it.

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harley ⩜⃝

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We appreciate your hard work hooterbby 🙏🙏 I really hope the mod situation on this site improves soon, so that you dont have to do all of the work by yourself

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