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True Crime/ETC: whats not allowed?

To keep it as simple as possible. 

Your profile picture, username or interest/heroes can not be glorifying a murderer, terrorist, etc.

A few examples as follows:

If your profile is covered in photos and gifs of them etc... rule break.

If your heroes is hitler, ted bundy etc... rule break.

If your pfp is seriel killer, school shooter etc... rule break.

You can share that you enjoy true crime. You can have interest in a certain types of true crime without taking it too far. You can not glorify any particular part of it. 

Outside of Mod Mode: This is coming from someone who spent most her life interested in understanding the psychology behind how seriel killers think. I know it's triggering/disrespectful to people with irl experiences to make it more than that. I can't imagine seeing these things on TV, merch or movies after being a victim or close friend. So I understand why such rules are in place. I hope to keep seeing your profiles showing same interest, but within the rules 😀

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Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦

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Help! Someone help! There’s a terrorist account on Spacehey! https://spacehey.com/profile?id=2543576

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خليفة's profile picture

is talking about the murderous character skibidi toilet allowed in a glorifying manner

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Holy smokes, I just checked out your profile! You’re actually married? But you’re only sixteen!

by Zigzag Buster 🇺🇦; ; Report

Mason 🍮🐾

Mason 🍮🐾's profile picture


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I'm not sure who that is, but if they have any concerns with a recent ban they can reach out to me with questions.

by Hooterbby ; ; Report


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Does mines count as any of that???

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⚐🍥Peach!!🍥⚐'s profile picture

Hey, there's this person on here who might have broken the rules, he fixed it now but before his name wus "Gore.com" and he had jeff the killer everywhere (Ik he's not real) and he said he wus a blood lust (Meaning he has a lust for wanting to kill people) and he talks about murderers too. Their profile is https://spacehey.com/ch0c0lat3milkl0v3rr but they removed everything so idk if it counts anymore

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Oh he has a blinkie that says "Blood lust"

by ⚐🍥Peach!!🍥⚐; ; Report

He has meat everywhere and he has blinkies that say "Blood lust" "Cannibal" "I heart violence" "Thirsty (With blood on it)"

by ⚐🍥Peach!!🍥⚐; ; Report

He just has a lot of violent blinkies and has said bad things, and as I said before his name wus "Gore.com" so idk. He has a bunch of weird blinkies and you can see them

by ⚐🍥Peach!!🍥⚐; ; Report

For me as long as it is fictional characters without taking shared content too far, I won't ban. It is the non fictional murderer/killers that is a rule break. I will look over the page though and I appreciate you reaching out.

by Hooterbby ; ; Report

Okay thank you:)

by ⚐🍥Peach!!🍥⚐; ; Report