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Suicide Hotline Links | Awareness

The best links I've personally found that give a lot of info:
International Suicide Hotlines <-
Veteran Suicide Crisis Prevention <-
Suicide Awareness Training <-
The Trevor Project <-

It is important to talk. Find help where the individuals are trained to do so.

I know this subject is touchy, triggering, taboo to many. I've made numerous post lately stating to be careful online with how you decide to share such things. I want to clarify that the discussion on such subject is allowed in conversations. It's when it goes beyond that, making it more harmful to others and making yourself vulnerable. Many can become targets from others who don't have your best interest in mind. 

Opening up a space to allow you to talk freely about the subject is one thing, but allowing anyone to vent and share threatening, self harming incidents on a platform that isn't regulated for such will only lead to worse things. We all know someone, lost someone or is that someone, I understand, whole heartedly.

Moving forward keep in mind trigger warnings, over sharing, trauma dumping are important key points to factor in.

I want for everyone to stay safe and I can only cover so much area. I want to reach out to every individual to be a listening ear, answer questions or help find answers they need, but again we can only do so much with the tools we are given. 

Harmful content can fall under many topics, not just this one. So yes if a user is making post etc. opening themselves up to be at higher risk or telling others to "kys" in any sort of way, that is grounds for a ban.

I appreciate everyone who has made their own post showing concerns on Suicide Awareness, its an important topic, I strongly agree. Mental Health is a huge deal. I hope we have helped at least one person with the recent discussions.

Feel free to share any helpful info that you feel could bring more awareness to better mental health.

Thank You.

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so many people do that on here, theyre definitely better off talking to someone who has the ability and education/skills necessary to help them rather than a bunch of people online, and its honestly depressing sometimes scrolling through the blogs page with all these people expressing how much they want to harm themselves or have these bad thoughts etc etc etc.. but hey bro everybody starts somewhere and now is better than never when it comes to that because the only person that can truly help you is yourself, the only thing others can do is push you in the right direction, others can lift you up, but you have to learn to walk yourself no matter how hard it is

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why did i even decided to post that

i aint taking it down that its too real bruh

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