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Do you wonder about reporting?

I want to take a second and acknowledge that I hear the complaints. I see you being vocal about one page not being banned while the next one is. I know its infuriating to feel like one person is doing worse than the one that was already removed. I try my best to prioritize the reports, but know I cant just take someone's word. I reach out to those who made a report if no proof is provided or it isn't obvious. So if you see an account is still up and you wonder why, there could be a list of reasons. Feel free to reach out to me if you feel its serious.

To note: I know a lot of people wonder.                                                                              
-Mass reporting doesn't always help because no one provides proof and when I reach out they say because someone told them to. Then I end up down a chain of people leading me to another "they said" scenario. 

-Joke reporting to just report friends etc. happens often and I still have to go through those.

-A lot of situations will be talked about in blogs, bulletins, all these other places, but no one has actually reported it. I've witnessed this numerous times.

-Behavior happening outside of Spacehey is out of our hands. Please report those users on those platforms.

There are pages that, although mean well, aren't helping us as much as you'd think. The profiles are built around handling reports under anonymous post. These lead to mass reports like I've stated before and also lead to mass amounts of users sometimes harassing another and although that person could be breaking rules, those harassing them are also.

When It come to religion, politics or topics like such and you simply don't agree.. 
make use of those block buttons.

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In the context of my previous suspended profile: I found myself embroiled in a distressing situation characterized by doxxing, persistent trolling, and severe harassment. I undertook the responsible action of reporting these incidents, yet regrettably, no remedial measures were undertaken by your administration. My response was marked by an unintended escalation; a private communication was purposely shared publicly here with the intention to do harm, which subsequently led to my suspension. Meanwhile, those who had instigated the initial turmoil, had already subjected me to doxxing on two occasions prior to my responsive actions, yet evaded similar consequences. Why?

These disconcerting experiences have precipitated a certain degree of skepticism on my part regarding this platform's commitment to impartiality and fairness. There appears to be an entrenched proclivity for collective hostility within the platform's community. This is compounded by a seeming disregard for the enforcement of the platform's terms of service (TOS), which in turn facilitates the participation of underage users in order to bolster apparent engagement metrics and popularity. The exodus of many long-standing participants or their conspicuous lack of activity is unmistakable. They have openly acknowledged and lamented this problematic trend, both within this platform and across other venues like Twitter and Tumblr. Despite such expressions of concern, it is disheartening that your team has not enacted effective measures.

It is widely acknowledged that an accumulation of reports can trigger an automated suspension mechanism until a moderator's assessment is conducted. Therefore, the absence of meaningful intervention from your end might be interpreted as either a disregard for these reports or a reluctance to address instances where individuals exercise their rights in the face of concerted campaigns aimed at silencing dissent. It is crucial to recognize that disagreement with a statement or a series of statements, even by a majority, does not inherently render said statements incorrect, baseless, or malevolent. The principles of open dialogue and intellectual exchange are undermined when platforms like SpaceHey, suppress individuals challenging prevailing narratives or opinions.

In light of these observations, I maintain that my reservations concerning the impartial and equitable operation of this platform are substantiated. If you feel like you require more context I can supply it...

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I only have to assume this is in regards to a user who keeps getting reported with the same "copy paste" report that is written similar to this. Those instances don't exist on Spacehey anymore. I've tried looking through past post for any evidence. So they were removed, if you have a link to where the incident took place and it is still up, that's my mistake and I'll gladly take a look.

I knew you were on Spacehey still and I've been looking the other way as long as you weren't harassing anyone anymore. In the end I want everyone to get to hang out here. With the situation you report on having no evidence from any side being on Spacehey I was allowing that to be it. They have deleted the things that were in screenshots that are linked in the reports as far I can find. If you are being harassed or any of the users you have issues with are still contacting you, please let me know and take advantage of that block button.

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I have “a fair” amount of that information about this still up on my own personal website, outside of SpaceHey’s TOS influence.

1st I never harassed anyone. I only responded in defense of being harassed, doxed, heavily trolled, DMs screenshot, taken out of context, and reposted for SH’s public consumption. DMs or Private messages are not of SH’s public consumption. The TOS was broken several times against me and when I responded after my reports against this went unanswered or ignored, pick your poison, it was my breaking of the TOS that got me Suspended if the reports against me didn’t trigger an auto-suspend.

So it was either a person, someone, saw my breakage of the TOS and suspended me, didn’t suspend the ones that started this business and also failed to see the reports I sent in or it was an auto-trigger to suspend me.

I have not been very vocal on here about that subject or others. I took a huge step back from using this platform due to this treatment and it appearing that SH would not look into this in an objective way regardless of what one is, believes in, feels, knows, about, well, any subject matter.

At this point, I do not want to talk about the past. It's useless at this point. I am over it. I learned from it. I grew from it. However, I have NOT changed how I think about these things that I may write about. I have just as much support as I do hate and honestly, that is how it should be. Right down the middle lol.

I want my old account back.

That is the only way this gets fixed on my end. If my account is reinstated great. Will I NOT be as vocal? Well, I cannot say that. Granted I have only written 2 blogs on politics since April. I am moving on to fiction. I have lost interest in the subject of people and (social)-ology.

Most of the things I have written about are long-winded, researched heavily, has logical context, and uses common sense. I usually only respond to comments that match these efforts. I usually do not respond to Twitter-like responses. The doxing of my home address, the blatant covering it up, and then using that frustration against me to draw out a bipolar response and SH lack of catching this before it got out of hand is what basically happened here. I am not innocent, but you know what? Neither are THEY…

They still got a pass while I am here asking to have my old account reinstated, where I shouldn’t even be here right now asking for this. Yet; here we are… If you want to see the data I can link it to you. Just ask. If you want to just move forward. Great. I’d like that. And if you look at my old page look at the number of blocked accounts I have there. I do use the block button and have used it often in the past.

I guess I was just hopeful that SH Mods would have seen my frustration about what happened to me before I took matters into my hands. Obviously putting things like this in my own hands is not a good idea lol, obviously…


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Following up on this thread... I still want my old account back.

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why not temporarily hide accounts with over a certain number of reports until they can be looked over? just incase its an actually harmful account

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My duties don't progress pass handling reports. I like the idea though. I don't know if it's even a possibility, but would gladly bring the idea up.

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